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In his bi-weekly “Getting Active” column, Hettie West, Sports Activity Coordinator at the Finnish District Council, looks at small improvements…

Since we’ve just entered officially summer and the weather seems to be improving, now is the perfect time to rest, reset, and make sure you’re doing everything possible to take care of your body and mind.

Now is the best time to consider if there are any ways you can increase your activity level in your daily life as these are the longest days.

make small changes to take care of yourself

With good weather like this, can you walk or bike to work, into town or run at school instead of driving?

When you’re faced with the choice of elevator/escalator vs. stairs, can you try taking the stairs? Do you have a 10-minute break each day to take a brisk walk outside and absorb vitamin D?

Taking care of your body doesn’t have to mean drastic life changes and extreme exercise, these small changes can make a big difference.

Likewise, looking at your diet and making small adjustments can greatly affect your overall health. Snacks are 100% normal—but what about substituting a piece of fruit, a bowl of Greek yogurt, or a handful of unsalted nuts for sugary snacks like cakes or cookies?

Eating a balanced diet with the correct proportions of each food group (visit the NHS Live Well website for more details) can improve not only your health through weight management, but skin, nail and hair health, bone and tooth health, muscle growth and more and repair, mental health and reduced risk of disease.

Another important aspect of overall health is social health. Building and maintaining relationships throughout your life will have a large positive impact on your overall well-being.

Socializing is great for your mental health, boosting confidence, improving productivity and fulfillment, and reducing your risk of depression and anxiety.

We offer a number of classes that not only target physical activity but also social aspects:

  • Forever Fit – Hudson Recreation Center in Wisbech. Tuesday 11.30am-12.30pm. free. Come and try various activities such as modern kurling, table tennis, badminton and more, followed by tea, coffee and chat.
  • Tea Dance Community Event – ​​Queen Mary Centre in West Beach. Friday, July 8, 2-4pm. free. A fun event filled with music and dancing, and plenty of refreshments for avid tea lovers.
  • Beginners Badminton – Hudson Recreation Center, Wisbech. Monday 6-7pm, £2 on arrival. A relaxed and open badminton game.
  • Walk Netball – 9.30-10.30am, Whittlesey Bowls Complex (Wednesday, £3 upon arrival) and Hudson Leisure Centre (Thursday, £2 upon arrival).

If you are interested in finding out more information or attending or booking any of our courses please contact or 07874 893 316.


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