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PITTSBURGH — Over the past few months, Animal Friends says fewer people are adopting dogs. That’s why they are overcapacity, with almost 100 dogs. Now they’re running a new campaign to help these dogs into their future homes.

“Currently, our kennels are over capacity. Nearly every kennel in our adoption floor and behind the feeding area is full,” said Cody Hoellerman of Animal Friends.

During the pandemic, Animal Friends saw a surge in adoptions of pets such as rabbits, cats and dogs.

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However, some people have abandoned their pets as their daily lives are returning to normal.

“There’s definitely been some people coming back to the office with some changes in their lifestyles,” Holleman said.

Currently, their kennels are 50% larger than normal dogs, and they rely on foster families for extra support.

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One of the reasons why there are fewer adoptions now is inflation and other costs.

So, during this event, families can say their adoption price.

“Obviously there will still be financial commitments in terms of getting food, supplies, veterinary care, but by allowing people to name their adoption donations, that reduces a barrier,” Holleman said.

The event will run until Sunday, July 3rd. Animal Friends says summer is a great time to add pets to the family.

“When we finalize adoption to make sure it’s not just a temporary thing, pets are lifelong commitments. So it’s critical that our team educates people about what it takes to care for them,” Hoellerman said.

For more information on adoption events, visit https://www.thinkingoutsidethecage.org/meet-animals/adopt/dogs/.

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