Liver King, the YouTube ‘raw life’ guru who built a $100 million fitness empire, admits he actually took steroids

Does eating raw meat and living a “caveman” lifestyle really make you as devastated as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? As it turns out, it might not be without steroids.

An Internet-renowned “raw life” guru named Liver King mistakenly convinced his millions of followers around the world [hotlink]youtube[/hotlink]Douyin and [hotlink]instagram[/hotlink] His strong physique is entirely due to his unusual diet and strict fitness regime.

Presumably, the “ancestral” lifestyle he and his wife follow is aimed at being “strong, healthy, and happy,” and includes living according to the “Nine Patriarchs”: eat, sleep, move, sun, connect, chill, sun, fight, and bond . He ate raw liver, bone marrow and even bull testicles.


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In addition to social media, Liver King already makes $100 million a year selling protein supplements and dried animal parts under his brands “Heart & Soil” and “Ancestral Supplements” — his store charges $100 million for capsules containing grass-fed beef. A bottle of liver costs $30 to $65.

The 45-year-old, whose real name is Brian Johnson, has previously denied any allegations of steroid use, saying on Mark Bell’s Power Project podcast: “I don’t touch those things. I never do those things. I’m not going to do those things. thing.”

However, Johnson’s facade has now fallen precipitously. In a video uploaded to his YouTube, he revealed: “I lied, I misled a lot of people… yes I did steroids, yes I was taking steroids, by a trained steroid Clinician monitoring and management.”

The influencer admitted he was taking 120mg of testosterone a week and apologized for misleading his followers by claiming he was truly “all natural”.

Before his confession, Johnson was called out by another YouTuber called More Plates More Dates, who posted an hour-long video exposing the influencer’s use of steroids, which cost him $12,000 a month.

These included a leaked email from Johnson to a nutritionist confirming he used steroids and demanding more, as well as blood test results.

Why did the liver king lie?

Johnson blames his behavior on his insecurities: “When I talk about 85 percent of people suffering from self-esteem issues, that’s me. I’m part of that statistic.”

The characters, he said, are “experiments to spread the word [and] Let 4,000 people commit suicide every day and 80,000 people try to kill themselves every day,” he said, adding that his “fight” was to promote “ancestral life” as a solution.

Johnson also admitted that he wasn’t fully aware of the consequences, saying: “Before social media, I was rich but anonymous, and after social media, I’m still rich but not anonymous anymore. . . . To think of that kind of exposure on social media.” The public eye. “

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