Liam Daish criticises Portsmouth Academy’s ‘tick-tick exercise’ as he calls for more investment

Now he wants Tornante to invest more in their much-maligned youth team.

After five years at Fratton Park, Daish resigned as Chief Professional Development Phase (PDP) Coach.

The 53-year-old remains very disappointed with the progress Tonant has made at the academy, who joined as owner in August 2017.

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However, while he admits there have been some improvements, the outspoken Dash insists more should be done, especially in terms of facilities.

He says news: ‘I am not here to criticize, condemn or anything like that, I will always be honest.

“I would say that I think there could be more progress in the youth academy at a club of Pompeii’s size.

‘I’ve seen the start of a new ownership of Eisners and through the next five years – it’s come to a brick wall and I’m thinking ‘what’s changed?’.

Career stage coach Liam Dysh quits Pompeo after five years.Image: Habipur Rahman

“If you’re going to build an academy, believe in it, work hard. If you’re not, it’s just a tick-tick exercise, it’s always difficult.

‘Portsmouth has an academy because it has an academy, you have to believe in it, there has to be a real strategic plan. The club is always against it due to the lack of investment and the need for a bit of conviction.

“I’ve seen a big shift in staff, and in the last two years it’s been really tough in terms of progress in terms of the pandemic, trying to deliver a project in an extreme situation.

“I may have seen more progress last season, players were more involved in training with the first team, but that was because we were back at Rocco.

“Under former manager Kenny Jackett, I did feel at times that the whole academy was a hindrance and we were there to facilitate, not to be seen as an asset and to get out of the field as quickly as possible.

“I’ve seen the players in Group 18 have now started to infiltrate and participate in the training time of the first team, which is good.

“But when it comes to the facilities, the pitch, even changing the pitch for the kids, I haven’t seen much progress – and it’s been really difficult.”

“There will be a certain investment, both in the training facilities and on the pitch, and maybe the coaching staff’s experience in youth development.

“Are we here just for convenience? Or are we here to really believe in making our own products?

Dysh added: “Leaving was not an easy decision for me, I made the decision earlier in the season.

“When the owners came over in April, I always wondered in my mind if I was doing it too early, was I in a hurry?

“From that interview, I didn’t really see any progress in the future of the academy.

“I’m not one to play my own trumpet, I’m not conceited, it’s always been about the academy.

“Maybe I hit a wall and it might need something different to come in. But five years is a long time for any club – and I’m not seeing the progress I thought I would see.”

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