LAURA INGRAHAM: How far will the left actually go to protect their pet cause and destructive agenda?

In “The Ingraham Angle,” Laura Ingraham delves into the ways the left protects itself and their agenda.

Laura Ingram: In a northern Virginia suburb, a transgender youth expresses himself in, well, more than just using the opposite sex’s restroom. It means committing heinous crimes.Radical gender and race activists court Democrats so much that school administrators Loudoun County, Virginia, literally covering up sexual assault. Now you probably remember how the school district there tried to cover up some of the details of the story of the rape of the schoolgirl. They transferred her attacker to another school without her parents knowing, then turned him into a villain when the victim’s father expressed his understandable anger at a school board meeting.

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Parents and educators debate policy on transgender students at a Loudoun County Public School Board meeting on Oct. 11.
(Fox News Digital)

Well, now, the grand jury that convened the matter just released a report detailing what school administrators did to cover up the truth, and it’s far worse than we could have imagined. A teacher’s aide reportedly walked into the bathroom despite seeing two pairs of feet under the cubicle door – during the rape – the teacher did nothing, apparently no one was alarmed. The report also found that the district concealed the nature of the assault even as it prepared to issue a controversial new transgender restroom policy.

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