Laporta asks Tebas to stop his comments on the club’s transfer window

FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta asked La Liga president Javier Tebas on Tuesday to “refrain from commenting” on the club’s potential recruitment and financial means, as this “harms the interests of the club”.

The president of FC Barcelona is tired. Hours after Javier Tebas declared that “Barcelona cannot sign Lewandowski as of today”, Joan Laporta hit back at the La Liga president in a powerful way.

Through the club’s media, the Catalan leader said: “Given the statements of the La Liga president that we can’t sign a player, I would like to remind the La Liga president that his duties are to monitor the league. So I ask him to refrain from commenting on whether we can sign him.” A particular player or not, because that clearly harms the interests of FC Barcelona.”

Regarding Tebas’ comments, the president added: “I don’t know whether he makes these comments voluntarily or not. If he does so voluntarily, it is unacceptable, because there is a clear intent to harm the interests of Barcelona and if he does it unintentionally, it is further evidence of his lack of restraint. and his desire to be in the spotlight, which, with all due respect, does not seem to me to be his place.”

“They have an empty locker, while Madrid has a full locker.”

On the same morning, Javier Tebas took advantage of a lunch organized by the Spanish media Europa Press to face Paris Saint-Germain again over the extension of Kylian Mbappe and Barcelona. Still concerned about the Catalan finances and in his relentless fight over financial fair play, he has allowed himself to declare: “As of today, Barcelona cannot sign Lewandowski. Barcelona already knows what they have to do.”

“They have to bring in more money and sell assets. You have to fill the store. They have an empty locker, while Madrid has a full locker,” Tebas said, stressing once again the different situation of the players. Two teams and the differences they will face in the next transfer market.

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