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Kim Kardashian41 and Pete DavidsonThe 28-year-old looked like a sweet couple on a recent outing to England. On May 31, the pair were photographed holding hands to the Comme des Garcons jewellery store as they walked around the London area, including Dover Street Market. Neither of them looked up at the camera, and bowed their heads to the onlookers outside as they passed, but otherwise seemed relaxed and happy to have a good time together.

Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson in London. (Original Image Ltd/MEGA)

Kim was wearing a white hoodie and silky silver leggings with pointed-toe heels and a grey coat. She also wears sunglasses, her blonde hair is pulled into a bun, and a silver purse is slung over her shoulder. Pitt wore a black jacket over a black hoodie and green sweatpants. He topped the look with white sneakers and sunglasses, and spent most of his time keeping the hood over his head.

Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson held hands during their latest outing. (Original Image Ltd/MEGA)

In the jewelry store, Kim was seen talking to an employee while checking out the pieces on display. They appeared to be talking as she kept looking back at her phone while she was getting help. It’s unclear if she’s looking for something specific or just browsing, but she seems interested in what they have to offer!

It has not been confirmed whether Kim and Pitt are headed to London for some reason, or if they just want to enjoy the holiday, but their visit, which also included dinner at the River Cafe on Monday night, comes as the country is preparing for QueenThe Platinum Jubilee in a few days. The royal is celebrating 70 years of service and many locals are looking forward to the exciting event. We’re not sure if Kim and Pete will attempt to witness any of the planned events in person, but their outings to each other seem to have put smiles on their faces.

Before visiting London, Kim and Pete made headlines by sharing an adorable kiss in a video shared on her Instagram Story on May 29. They stick out their tongues and look at the camera before kissing, seemingly in a public place with music playing in the background.

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