Kevin Durant may stay away from Nets in Kyrie Irving saga

The Nets can’t seem to pull together.

As Kyrie Irving’s time with the Nets continues to deteriorate, the Brooklyn star guard gave out his list of preferred destinations last week, and Durant is also reportedly keeping his distance from the team if the two sides can’t sign a contract. .

On Friday, The Ringer’s Logan Murdoch said on The Mismatch podcast that Durant hasn’t spoken to the Nets in weeks.

“I don’t think Kevin has confidence in the front office right now,” Murdoch said. “I don’t know if he’s in the phase of leaving, but there’s a huge amount of unease not only from Kyrie’s side, but also from KD’s side.

“His biggest complaint is that he feels management is not getting to know Carey, whatever that means. I would object to that when a guy is gone for two weeks at a time… Carey takes the biggest responsibility. But I think KD believes ‘Hey, you guys don’t know this guy. You’re not trying to figure out where he’s from.”

Kevin Durant
Photo by J. Conrad Williams Jr./Newsday RM via Getty Images

Irving, who played just 33 games this season because he didn’t get the COVID-19 vaccine, was a close friend of Durant and was part of the reason the former league MVP came to Brooklyn.

Now with tensions escalating between Irving and front office, according to Murdoch, Durant is not recruiting free agents in Brooklyn. Durant has yet to make a trade request, only asking Brooklyn executives how the team will compete for a championship if Irving leaves.

Murdoch added that the Nets also let go Adam Harrington, Durant’s former personal trainer and team assistant, and he wasn’t happy.

“[Harrington’s departure] There’s a big knock-on effect on how Kevin feels about this right now,” Murdoch said. “He’s still in this figuring out mode, but there’s some fire in that smoke, and he’s reassessing what he’s doing in that regard. position. “

Durant said Friday on his “ETC” podcast that he “wasn’t involved at all” in the Nets-Irving trade and planned not to.

“It’s this guy’s livelihood,” Durant said. “It’s a lot bigger than me. It’s one of the biggest moments of your career as a free agent. It’s something no one can shake. I’m just being myself and waiting for the moment.”


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