Keralite expat in UAE: “I lost 32kg with diet and exercise”

When Golden ventured into the gym, he was tentative. “I tried going to the gym many times before and gave up,” he said with a laugh. So he got some help. “So I found a coach [at my gym] Having attended several conferences there – his name was Alton Anthony – I just started studying with him and he gave me a custom meal plan and workout. “

Having someone who will hold him accountable for deviating from integrity and narrowness works well for expats. “The first few months I started functional training — I was eating fewer carbs. I started losing weight,” he says. As the weight dropped, Golden said, he began to feel more and more confident. He started imagining himself thinner and stronger – and he started working harder. “I was thrilled when I got to 99-98, and that’s when I knew I could do it.”

The first few weeks were tough for his body, Golden recalls. It used to be accustomed to good food and a small amount of exercise – and now not only burns energy, but also burns fewer calories. But, he said, it all depends on the mindset. “In my opinion, I set a weight loss goal — that’s it,” he said. That said, he did admit to having some issues along the way. “Many times I tell the coach I can’t go down to 100,” he admits sheepishly, adding that coaches and coaches can really help at times like this.

So things like sugar and starchy vegetables were eliminated from the menu. Serving sizes are carefully selected and planned. One consumable that is multiplied is water. “Before, I drank less than a liter, now it’s three and a half liters,” he explained.

Today, Alden, who weighs 84kg, has lost 32kg. “When I joined the gym, my waist was a size 40. Now it’s a size 34,” he said, adding that the new frame has changed his level of confidence and his ability to interact with people. He added that he is now more dynamic than ever. His blood sugar levels are under control, and as for being called “thadiya,” which means “fat,” that moniker is a thing of the past.

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