Kelly Clarkson responds to Britney Spears criticism by reporting on ‘femininity’

Kelly Clarkson seems to have nothing but love for Britney Spears.

The former “American Idol” winner performed a cover of Spears’ 2008 single “Womanizer” on Wednesday’s “Kellyoke” segment (see video below).

Cover — titled “Celebrating Queen Britney” on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” tweet A video on Wednesday — seemingly in response to Spears’ criticism of Clarkson in a now-deleted caption on Instagram.

Last week, Spears released a video, possibly titled, aimed at Clarkson for making insensitive comments about her mental state in a 2008 interview on the Atlanta radio show.

“Don’t you just hope she’ll say she’s joking???” Spears wrote in the caption, according to screenshots circulating on social media. “Clarkson…in a world where bullying is heartbreaking, I have my share.”

Spears publicly demonstrated a series of disturbing behaviors in 2007 and was placed under supervision in 2008.

In that year’s short, Clarkson wondered aloud if her fellow pop star’s bizarre behavior at the time was just a joke.

“Man, but wouldn’t it be fun if she totally screwed up with everyone?” Clarkson said in the clip. “Because if she said ‘just kidding,’ it would be so funny! I mean, think about it.”

Clarkson added: “She didn’t make any news for her album [Blackout], by the way, I love it. She didn’t do any news, she just got so much pressure from everything else. “

While the quotes in the clip aren’t particularly good for Clarkson, the full video of the conversation adds more context.

In interviews in 2008, the radio presenter often called Spears “crazy” and made fun of her cryptic British accent when talking to the paparazzi. While Clarkson appeared to politely engage in the conversation, she did appear to be trying to steer the conversation in another direction.

At one point, the host called Spears a “pure lunatic,” and Clarkson defended her.

“I met her a few times and she was really cool to me,” Clarkson said.

When the host played a clip of Spears speaking in a fake British accent, Clarkson tried to find an explanation for the behavior.

“Okay, so sometimes when I drink, I have an accent,” she said. “Is she drinking?”

“I don’t know, but she’s on a lot of drugs,” one host said.

“Britney is happy with life,” another host said.

“Hey, okay, don’t knock it until you try it,” Clarkson said.

When the host asked Clarkson about her accent when she was drinking, she seemed uncomfortable and replied: “I don’t know, I just want to be good.”

The hosts laughed, and Clarkson seemed to take the opportunity to change the subject.

“I have a stronger Texas accent,” Clarkson said. The conversation from there was all about Clarkson’s voice when he was drunk and cursing around the kids.


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