Kate Winslet says people would ask her agent about her weight when she was a young actress

Kate Winslet reflects on the body-shaming comments she encountered as a young actress and how social media affects today’s teens. (Photo: Mike Marsland/WireImage)

Kate Winslet was called a “dumbo” and told to settle for the “fat girl” role, as a young girl with acting dreams.although the movie likes Titanic secured her place as a leading lady, the British actress told sunday times Her body cannot escape scrutiny.

“When I was younger, my agent would get calls and say, ‘What’s her weight?'” shared the Oscar winner, who now says, “As a middle-aged woman, my concern is Be an actor with a moving face and a body.” The 47-year-old feels the film industry has made progress over the years in becoming less weight-conscious. It’s a change Winslet calls “heartwarming.”

But actress Mia Threapleton, mother of a 22-year-old daughter, joins her in the new British TV series I’m Ruth — Winslet anxious about the pressures social media and internet culture are putting on young people.Although sense and sensibility star The tabloids are no stranger to interest in her private life, and she didn’t grow up in the days of TMZ or Deux Moi.

“Flipping is hard enough world news It’s on my doorstep, but it’s not even cutting it yet,” she said, referring to the British tabloids. “The phrase ‘today’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chip paper’ doesn’t exist. What do you do when you’re drunk or stupid? It may come back to haunt you. What young actors need to watch out for is another matter. It must have been extremely difficult. “

I’m Ruth, Winslet and Suppleton, who play mother and daughter, explore how this stress can have a detrimental effect on teens and their self-image.

“Mia and I definitely had some of these conversations in real life I’m Ruth,” said the actress, who shares Mia with her first husband, Jim Threapleton. “But so do most mothers I know with children. Friends live stressful lives, and these days, as an actor, I struggle to find characters that shed light on difficult topics to talk about. This is a.

The mother of three may have something to do with the stress parents experience as they try to protect their children’s mental health. She notes that because of her fame, she’ll be “accused of preaching” other people, noting that “I don’t have a better or worse or different fucking answer than other people.”

“Just because I’m high profile doesn’t mean I’m not affected,” Winslet said. “I don’t have a protective force field. I can’t say specifics because I have to be careful about Mia’s privacy, but young people are going through some really tough things. I don’t have a magic wand, but as a parent you try to do the right thing.

“There are times in your child’s life when nothing you do or say is right,” she continued. “You just want them to be happy, but the pressures of the world are enormous. You can’t keep them safe.”

but The Mare of Easttown Stars aren’t exactly desperate for Gen Z.

“My daughter’s generation has the ability to speak for itself,” she noted. “They already know they’re going to be heard. Obviously not in every situation, but they know how to use their voices – especially young women. It just blows my mind. When I was young, you spoke when you spoke. Now Not anymore. Young women are stronger. They take more pride in their bodies.”

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