Jenny Mai introduces baby Monaco 5 months after she was born

Say hello to Baby Monaco.

Jenny Mai finally introduced fans to her 5-month-old daughter on Thursday.

“[This] Probably the most exciting episode I’ve ever watched on Hello Hunnay. It’s time to share the most amazing and exciting newest addition to the Hello Hunnay family,” she said on the latest episode of the YouTube series.

“You’re going to meet very, very special people in my life. Some new, some shiny, good smelling, like, 5-month-old.”

Before pictures and videos of Monaco hit the screen, Mai told fans to forgive her “nervousness” as she was “very scared, wary and protective” of the adorable baby girl she shared with husband Jeezy.

“Fam, I can’t just sit here and tell you about the amazing, amazing, extraordinary people who have come into my life,” she added. “Then I’ll show you.”

Jeezy and Monaco
The “Real” co-host shared the sweet photos and video of the baby girl she shared with Jeezy.
Jenny Mc Jenkins/YouTube

In another part of the video, Mai also admits that “the anxiety of a new mother is real” and that she is “not ready” to deal with postpartum depression.

“Here, I was going through postpartum apprehension, heart palpitations, not being able to sleep, and I thought, ‘I’m not depressed; I’m actually very excited and happy, but I’m worried, really anxious and irritable,’ and I don’t know what that is ,” she explained.

“Now that I know what it is, I still have anxiety attacks, but I know it’s just a phase.”

Jenny, Monaco
The video shows many lovely moments between the mother and daughter duo.
Jenny Mc Jenkins/YouTube

Mai first announced her happy news with Jeeezy (born Jay Wayne Jenkins) in a Jan. 11 Instagram post.

“I prayed to God for love and a happy life. He sent me my family. Here comes baby Jenkins 🍼❤️,” the daytime talk show host gushed.

McJenkins, Monaco
She called Monaco “amazing, amazing, extraordinary people”.
Jenny Mc Jenkins/YouTube

A week later, Mai revealed her baby girl’s name and announced her gender on an episode of “Real.” Co-host Adrienne Bailon explained the significance of the nickname Monaco.

“Three years ago, Jeezy and Jenny were talking on a bridge in France about what it means to live together,” explains Byron.

“Here, they decided to grow and raise a family together. So they named their child after the city that changed their lives forever: Monaco McJenkins.”


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