‘Jelly Skin’: Dermatologist Breaks Down TikTok’s Latest Beauty Trend

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(New York) — TikTok videos offer advice on everything from viral makeup releases to healthier alternatives to Coca-Cola. Now, one of the latest health and beauty crazes to grab the attention of millions is “jelly skin.”

The word caught many people’s attention after TikTok creator Glowwithava posted a video of her facialist, in which she mentioned that her glowing, bouncy skin contains a lot of collagen – making it a tie-in with the much-loved The texture of the Jello-o gelatin dessert is very similar.

Since its release, Ava’s videos have been viewed more than 1 million times and liked more than 142,000 times.

Another TikTok creator, Rogerwh0, posted a video sharing some of the products he uses to get a dewy “jelly skin” that has more than 5 million views.

Both videos have many people commenting and questioning the term.

ABC News good morning america Several experts were hired, including board-certified dermatologist Dr. Arash Akhavan; dual-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Kelly Killeen; and board-certified multi-specialist physician Dr. Azza Halim to further explain “jelly skin” and how to get it .

What is a “jelly peel”?

Like the dessert’s name and texture, “jelly skin” refers to healthy-looking, plump skin.

“It’s firm, soft, smooth skin that’s extremely elastic and bounces back like jelly to the touch, which means the skin is high in collagen and elastin,” says Akhavan.

Can anyone get “jelly skin”?

experts to talk to GMA It is said that everyone can strive to achieve jelly skin as long as they develop healthy habits, including good skin care habits to increase collagen.

Halim emphasized the importance of inner health, saying: “Successful transformation doesn’t happen overnight; what you put in your body — your diet — directly affects the health of your skin.”

She recommends using vitamins A, C, and E along with healthy fats and activating your collagen with PDO Threads, a procedure that uses dissolvable sutures to restore and lift loose skin under the skin until they eventually dissolve, stimulating the body to naturally produce more Multi-collagen firming skin.

Akhavan also recommends prescription over-the-counter retinol, as it is a vitamin A derivative that stimulates the activity of fibroblasts to produce more collagen.

If you’d rather opt for cosmetic surgery, Killeen says your skin’s elastic appearance can also be improved with facial fillers and grafts.

Are there any precautions for “jelly peel”?

“Don’t overdo it,” Dr. Akhavan said. “Skin type is inherited, so some people may not get ‘jelly skin’.”

He also points out that thinning skin doesn’t mean your skin is unhealthy, but if you want to continue to synthesize collagen and maintain firmness as you age, you need collagen-inducing procedures and products for radiant skin.

Killen added that it’s not worth spending money on a lot of tools.

“Spend your money on well-proven medical-grade skin care products,” she says. “There is a lot of talk about facial rolling tools, but in general they work by creating swelling, which is only a temporary or temporary effect. These tools work well for lymphatic massage, but are unlikely to actually give you for a long-lasting jelly skin look.”

ABC News’ medical arm has confirmed that “jelly skin” is not really a medical term, and everyone should talk to a dermatologist about the best skin care routine for them before trying any product, procedure, or eating food on their own, Thinking this will make their skin look better.

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