Jean Segura’s Fractured Finger – MLB Trade Rumors

Rogue Phyllis John Segura He broke his right index finger during tonight’s game, coach Joe Girardi told reporters (Including’s Todd Zoellicki And the Alex Covey of the Philadelphia Inquirer). A more specific schedule will be known after Segura goes for a CT scan tomorrow, but it’s likely that he’s at least heading to the casualty list.

Segura has started 43 of his 50 games this season. The second baseman to hit the contact goes through a solid season, holding a .275/.324/.407 streak during 179 trips to the board. Segura has successfully run six home runs and moved to eight bases, making him one of the team’s most productive players all around.

It was a rough start for the Phils, who lost the game 7-4 in extra rounds against the Giants tonight. That lifted them 21-29 percentage points above the Marlins to take third place in the Pacific Northeast. Philadelphia entered the season firmly with a winning mentality now after another harsh winter, but they’ve already dug themselves into the 12 1/2 hole compared to the Mets in the division.

Their efforts to get back into the competition will be hampered further by Segura’s long absence, and the club is no doubt hoping they can make a comeback relatively quickly. Basic short stop Didi Gregorios He was on the list of injured for three weeks due to a sprained left knee, and left this position for beginners Bryson Stott And the veteran escort man John Camargo.

Gregorius began his rehab assignment with Triple-A Lehigh Valley this evening. Ideally, the 32-year-old would have a few days in a low-pressure environment to get back into game form, but Zoelecki notes that Phils could bring him back from IL sooner in response to Segura’s injury. Even if Gregorius returns to the big league lineup, it looks like Camargo and Stott will have to split the second primary while Segura is away.

The Camargo is off to a good start after signing a one-year deal over the winter. The former brave hits .248/ .318/ .350 through 130 board backs while offering some defensive flexibility throughout the field. Meanwhile, Stott was unable to make his lead during his first 24 NBA games. The former first-round pick and best hits only .123/.179/.151 against the league’s big arms, though he’s had Triple-A in nine games before being called up once Gregorius entered IL.


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