Jake Paul accuses Tommy Fury of trying to ‘weasel’ a fight after Fury refused entry to the United States

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury had another hitch before the Grudge Match.

On Tuesday, Fury shared a video In it, he claimed that he was denied entry to the United States while he and his team attempted to board a flight from London to New York. According to Fury, he doesn’t know why this complication has arisen and his team is working to fix the issue so he can meet Paul at the boxing match scheduled for August. 6 in Madison Square Garden.

“My team and I arrived this morning at Heathrow ready for the press conference, ready to fly, and as soon as we entered the airport I was pulled to one side and Homeland Security told me that my ESTA (US Electronic System Travel Authorization) system was denied and I could not fly to the States United for a reason I seem to know,” Fury said. “I could stand here and say I never did anything wrong and have no idea why I wasn’t allowed to travel to the States. I would say I’ve been traveling to fight all the time and that’s all I was doing. I have no idea why I wasn’t allowed Me traveling today and neither of my team.

“So now I have to go to the embassies and all this stuff you’re trying to solve while I’m in the middle of training. I don’t know why this happened today, it’s a huge shock to me and my entire team. It’s clearly an issue that needs to be resolved. It’s government issues. It’s much bigger than a battle.” Now I’m just trying to solve it, but I just wanted to tell you all where it is.”

Paul and Fury were previously scheduled last December, but Fury withdrew due to injury and illness.

In response to the news on social media, Paul accused Fury of trying to “invent” his way out of the fight and wrote that his team had reached out to Fury’s personnel on how to solve the unspecified problem.

Tommy, no matter how hard you try to get out of this fight, I’ll do 2 everything I can 2 Don’t let you out. My team and partners have outlined the steps you need to take to resolve your latest excuse. Take them or admit you’re a scared little bitch. #TommyFumbles

Paul’s “Most Valuable Offer” promo later announced that Wednesday’s press conference for the match had been postponed.

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