Jacked Ramsays: Blazers related to OG Anunoby

In this edition of Jacked Ramsays Live, hosts Danny Marang and Brandon Sprague discuss the second big name the Portland Trail Blazers have been linked to nationwide, OG Anunoby.

Joining Deandre Ayton, Anunoby is a player who answers a lot of questions the Blazers have been asking for years about their front zone – can he defend? Does he have a size? Is there anything like an offense in his game? Both players tick those boxes and while Ayton wants the maximum amount of money, Anunoby is doing what most consider an incredibly valuable deal – paying off less than 20 million AAV.

Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report states: After a distinguished season from Rookie of the Year Scotty Barnes, word spread among competing front offices that Anonobi had become at times unhappy with his role in Toronto, with Barnes joining Pascal Siakam and Fred Vanfleet as the key players in Nick Norris’ offense. ” It’s something that’s been discussed at length if you’ve been following this off season.

Now, it’s almost public as Fisher highlights that the official request from Anunoby or his representatives (read: Klutch Sports) has yet to materialize. However, what seems to be sweating is that Blazers are attached to stalking and stalking players which makes sense for the timeline now and beyond.

Hop in with Brandon and Danny as they work through Fisher’s reports and check out what’s next.

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