Italy’s Trevisan invites itself to the semi-finals… Zverev-Alcaraz at 3 pm… Follow the quarter-finals live

2:44 pm France’s Matilda Njejol-Kari (yes, Thomas Njejol’s niece) took home the Petite SD de Tarbes last year, falling hard against Czech Bartunkova (seeded No. 13) in the junior championship (6-2, 6-2). Well, be patient, she is only 14 years old.

2:39 pm : What a pleasure to come in the Legends Championship with Grosjean / Pioline – Bahrami / Benneteau on Lenglen and Leconte / Llodra – Clément / Santoro at No. 14.

2:33 pm: At 28, Martina Trevisan will play her first semi-final in a Grand Slam tournament. You’ll play against the 100% American Quarter winner between Coco Gauff and Sloane Stephens, who will start from the middle.

2:29 pm: It’s over! A final forehand pass from the left hand and the 59th player in the world finds themselves in the semi-finals!!! The magic of women’s tennis! Lily Fernandez, who dwindled, could not fully defend her chances.

2:29 pm : serve win and match point with yelp that goes well, again!!!

2:28 pm : Hey italian crying back to 30-30!!! Two points from the game.

2:27 p.m.: Hi, I’m Nicholas. It’s time to switch and Fernandes is back at 3-5 15-30 sending Trevisan…

2:22 pm : The Italian puts her hands in a foam at the conclusion… Two bullets for Fernandez to get him back to 5-2.

2:20 p.m.: As previously after giving up his service game, Trevisan gets into a fight and breaks down. 5-1, we’re there ladies and gentlemen.

2:17 pm: Come on, thanks Layla! Kandyan won her first match in this group. 1-4 Treviso

2:16 pm : Trevisan, Equality, Fernandez, Equality, Trevisan, Equality….but damn you have to bow this game to me!!!!!! 9 minutes that we are there …

2:15 pm : This game will never end. equality

2:12 pm : The ball (Rikiki) breaks for Fernandez to return to 1-4.

2:07 p.m.: Well the young Canadian who’s been in 4 games now smells like a pine forest with nothing.

2:04 pm : Sorry I’m on several things at once, hence this small absence. what I can say? Fernandes tries to limit the break and clings to this fourth 40-A

1:58 p.m.: Well, here we go, Trevisan in bucket mode. 3-0 Thank you good evening.

1:56 pm: There you go, cracking at the third breaking point. I must also say Trevisan was playing stronger and fairer for a few minutes.

1:54 pm : Attention, three break points for Trevisan. Fernandes relaxed a bit after his brilliant comeback in the second set.

1:52 pm : Trevisan opens this third set with a close after conceding the second set on a double fault.

1:46 pm: It’s over! Double fault from Trevisan who introduces the second round for Fernandes. The Holy Awakening of Al-Kindi after a complex first set.

1:45 pm: 6-3 and one point for the Canadian!

1:42 pm : Ten minutes after saving a match point, Layla Fernandez is now 3-0 ahead in this tie break.

1:41 p.m.: It’s over, white game for the Italian.

1:40 pm : He thinks but does the job, 40-0. We will move gently towards the tiebreak.

1:38 pm : Continue with the game without quack to lead 6-5! You should start thinking about Trevisan side.

1:34 pm: Another great comeback from Fernandes! 5 games everywhere

1:33 pm: And a 5-5 ball to follow! You will not let the child go.

1:31 p.m.: Match point cleared with a new forehand from Big Brutality. Needless to say, when hit this way, it knocks hard.

1:30 p.m.: And presto, there’s nothing left… 40-30 and first match point for 57th in the world!

1:27 p.m.: Go boom, two cross-slaps Fernandez back Trevisan to the ropes. 0-30

1:27 p.m.: Go boom, two cross-slaps Fernandez back Trevisan to the ropes. 0-30

1:25 p.m.: Ahhhhh Fernandez who (re)creates the cracks at the worst of times! 5-4 for Trevisan, who will serve a place in the inning.

1:19 pm : Firefighter, shot, volley, Fernandez pulls everything she has in the drawers to push Trevisan into a foul and it pays off. 4-3 for 17th in the world, who in the first set scared us to call our therapist but who was performing better for a while.

1:15pm: Four break points saved by Trevisan, 3-3!

1:13 pm : Big fight in this match 6. Trevisan came close to the new break but she hit the goal line twice. And here it is again with the ball back to 3-3.

1:08 pm: Well, it won’t last since Martina Trevisan went live.

1:05 pm: It’s over, Fernandes took the first half to lead 3-1!

: And go! The Canadian’s first break point in this volleyball hitting the line.

1:03 pm : Analgesics should take effect, and Fernandez appears to struggle less when accelerating. Long live the science.

1 pm : For now, we’ll say it’s a push style because she hasn’t given up her service game yet. 1-2 Fernandes

12:55 pm : I have the impression that Fernandez decided to shorten the exchanges (reporting the sore foot) by sending bag after bag.

12:52 PM : Come on, Fernandez’s first point in this second set! Yes, I chose my camp because I wouldn’t spit in a more contested match.

12:50 pm : A great WTF sequence by Nelson Monfort who asks a Mexican family to ask them why Roland-Garros is the best championship in the world. Mad Mia…

12:48 pm: It wouldn’t be enough, Trevisan wins without forcing him in the first set.

12:47 : Rebel Fernandez and erases three fixed points, okay ouej.

12:45 pm : For once I don’t think Trevisan needs anything, she walks and offers three fixed points.

12:44 PM : She discusses with the referee, I wonder if she is not complaining about the encouragement (understanding, instructions) from coach Trevisan from the podium.

12:43 p.m.: Well, obviously, it’s getting more and more complicated for the Canadian who lags 5 to 2.

12:40 pm : I get the impression Fernandes is trampling a bit anyway… and that doesn’t stop him from hitting this beautiful ball to go 15-0 on his serve. But Trevisan still led (4-2).

12:37 : All kinds of good massages come to an end. We left.

12:35 pm : She takes the opportunity to look at her notes in her little notebook. Take some dear students and dear students who follow us instead of reviewing exams.

12:32 PM : Pain in the right foot. We’re even on our toes if you want to know everything. And I know you want it, you bunch of insatiable weasels.

12:30 pm. : Leila Fernandez calls a physiotherapist. A little break for freshness, at home, at home.

12:28 : Well I saw small! The Canadian narrowly managed to save the point.

12:25 p.m.: Fernandes is already playing hard and offers a double break ball to Trevisan after sending this forehand to Perpette-les-Oies.

12:21 PM : That’s it, Fernandez scored his first point and entered the match. 1-2 Trevisan. At 19 you also have to take a measure of the problem and context, but we felt it was a lot more relaxing in this game.

12:19 pm : Yes, I know, I was confused by announcing Fernandez’s first point. I’ll have to come back quickly (and better) on this livestream.

12:18 pm : This second match has been going on for a while, but Trevisan does not leave it and confirms his break. 2-0

12:15 pm : Trevisan struggles against Fernandez blocks, who takes the ball too early on the rebound. 40-a in Italian service.

12:12 p.m.: The Italian sends out large entry missiles and a direct break.

12:10 PM: Let’s start the first game!

12:05 We will start the day with the first women’s quarter-final match in which Italian Martina Trevisan (28 years old, 59 world) will play Canadian young Leila Fernandez (19 years, 18).

12 p.m.: It’s time kids!

11:55 am : go, more than 5 minutes before the antenna in France 4. Put a sign, tuk, tik tok, tuk. I don’t know if she did the same with you at the beginning of Roland, but I didn’t know this channel still existed.

11:30 am. : For once, we shall begin the day with a little reading, to honor our multiplying of Roland’s Special Envoys. Today, the least we can say is that there is so much to do!

11:15 a.m.: Hi Roland-Garrix! Welcome to 20 minutes of another hectic day of livestreaming with a behind-the-shelf program to kick off the quarter-finals.

Hello friends! If you have planned to act today, she may also warn you right away that it will be complicated. With two popular quarter-final matches between Alexander Zverev and Spain’s junior Carlos Alcaraz on one side, and the massive legends feud between Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic on the other (on this night’s session), we’re ready to sign you up. A word of apology today for staying in front of the TV (and 20 minutes) and putting the rest off until later. The program is now necessarily lighter than the previous days, and we will be going live a little later than usual.

See you around 11:30 AM to noon to start this crazy day on Parisian ocher.

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