“I wouldn’t have told Dennis that we had created an alliance,” asserts Nicholas, who is eliminated in Episode 14.

The spy, the double agent, the traitor… Over the weeks, Nicholas has earned many nicknames Koh Lanta: The Cursed Totem. And on Tuesday evening, Denis Brugniart extinguished the torch of the candidate due to the strategic advantage that Olga won. Strategist, Nicholas was one to the end. And the evidence, even after his disqualification, continues to claim that there was no alliance between the former Green candidates. “I don’t give in to Amber and Francois’ protection for the rest of their adventure. Until the last seconds, I’m loyal to my base color,” he explains to 20 minutes.

What goes through your head when Jean Charles pulls on his immunity collar?

I was ready to go out on every tip. It’s better to be prepared not to be surprised even if it still hurts, than to see yourself go all the way, get kicked out and be at the bottom of the hole. I was expecting Jane Charles to have a necklace. I was somewhat surprised when he released him, which is why the votes were split between him and Geraldine. You planned the strike strategically.

Why did you expect that?

Nothing is for sure, you have to be fully awake. I had a feeling that nothing had been done. Behind his appreciation and kindness, I sensed that this was the moment he was going to release a necklace. In my head, I tell myself that we split the votes and that in the worst case, if there is a new vote in the event of a tie, I will win…

Finally, that extra voice given to Olga is costing you your place…

As far as I can imagine all scenarios, as far as I can ever foresee it. I couldn’t imagine it. When I see four voices, I tell myself that Amber or Bastien or François has betrayed me. I really don’t believe it and when I see that all three fingers are up, I understand that there is a double vote. I’m going out with honors because it’s so tight for a shot you can’t even imagine. You have to leave feeling proud and happy with the adventure you have achieved.

You say in the episode that being natural at making connections with greens and yellows is your definition of being strategic. So it wasn’t thought of at all?

In the past twenty years, we have had a lot of strategists rude in their style Koh Lanta. I didn’t seek to be a strategist. Initially, it created great affinities with the greens. Among the yellow, I had much less affinity but they also liked me. Almost everyone was loved. By being natural and funny, people captivated me. I am a natural strategist because without looking for a strategy, everyone talked to me and loved me. You have people you relate to more than others and you have to make tough choices. This is the game, this is it Koh Lanta.

How would you describe the alliance you formed with Francois and Amber?

There are two types of people: those who come off the board angry, and are ready to reveal all strategies, and those who don’t. When Dennis asked if there was a strategy, I said no. why ? Because yes, there was a strategy among the Greens from the start, we struggled with the lack of food, the rain, Frank’s departure… we told ourselves we were taking each other as far as we possibly could. We all really love each other. I wasn’t going to tell Dennis that we created an alliance, and I’m still trying to protect them. Even if the others didn’t believe me, they would have doubts because I wouldn’t give in to Amber and François’s protection for the rest of their adventure. Until the last seconds, I’m faithful to my base color. This reinforcement may help Amber or Francois to go as far as possible.

Do you also suppose your double game with the ex-Yellows, whose voting intentions you gave to the ex-Reds?

They called me a spy… you suppose. For me, upon reunification, we were all white. At this point in the game, you go to the people with whom you relate most, and I had more ex-greens than ex-yellows. My goal was to bring the people I loved the most with me. Yellow and red, let’s stop it. You all loved me, so after a while you found yourself as a traitor.

When they learn the truth, ex-husks aren’t very happy. How do you feel when you see their reactions every Tuesday on TV?

It is a pleasure to watch Koh Lanta. I see them surprised. Strategically, they trust me when they should tell themselves I was green earlier. They did not suspect it. I, love them all, make a difference between the game and the current life, and I have no problem with them. I surprised them, perhaps they had a lack of vigilance which cost them dearly. in Koh LantaYou have to be alert, your ears should be open all the time.

Your picture only aired tonight, on episode 14. Do you regret that the show insisted on your strategic side and did not show more human aspects than your personality?

I have no regrets. I am not the one who decides to do the editing. My picture went down tonight, would it have put people off if it had been aired earlier? I do not know. My strategy is that I had none. I stayed myself, I was joking, and warmed people’s hearts at night. Everyone will tell you I was the funniest. It turns out that it became a strategy to be normal without me wanting to. No, I have no regrets.

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