‘I was too shy to let anyone see me working out – now I help people like me lose weight’

Rachael Sacerdoti, 43, CEO, London

I have been struggling with weight. As a kid, I was always the ‘bigger’ one, but after my third child I was only 90kg (over 14 stone). I struggled to get up from the couch, my back hurt and I was anxious and depressed. I want to change, but I don’t know how.

While on vacation with my brother in September 2017, he noticed I ate three popsicles in an hour and asked me what was wrong. He told me that I don’t have to make big changes all at once, I just need to start walking a little bit more. I realized he was absolutely right. I have to take responsibility.

Even walking around the block was difficult, but after a few weeks I started walking to the park. Then I added some home workouts – doing it in my bedroom because I didn’t even dare to let my family see me working out. After a few months, I joined the gym and started weight training.

I also changed my diet to focus on increasing my protein and vegetable intake. At first, I skipped all carbs, but as I read more about nutrition, I realized slow-release carbs—like brown rice or sweet potatoes—are good for me because they fill you up and keep you hydrated You provide the energy you need, especially as a busy mom.

The weight started to drop; in six months I lost about 25kg (nearly four stones) which is very encouraging. But it’s not just the numbers on the scale, I love watching myself get stronger, both physically – in terms of doing more exercise, like crunches – and mentally. My depression and anxiety are lessened.

People are really starting to notice my changes, before and after the first lockdown, when a lot of people started struggling with their weight, some friends asked me to help them. I created a WhatsApp group and sent them exercises to do and food suggestions to eat. It grew by word of mouth and I decided to turn my weight loss program into an actual business, it was so easy. In less than two years, we’ve helped about 600 women.

I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished, both personally and by helping other women. I’m now a diet and fitness educated person that I can pass on to my kids – knowledge I never had as a kid.


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