How to overcome your fear?

Tremors, cold sweats, hot flashes, feeling short of air. Just seeing a syringe puts you in all your situations? You may have xenophobia or trypanophobia. This panicky fear of needles, vaccines, or anything to do with injections is not to be taken lightly. In fact, it can become a real problem on a daily basis.

While he was vaccination campaign Against COVID-19 in full swing, we know some people are hesitating for completely unexpected reasons. Fear of needles prevents thousands of people from getting vaccinations, blood tests, and even seeking health care. Amazement in the face of their phobia, many people hide it for fear of being subjected to endurance. However, like all phobias, Fear of bites can be overcome. How to overcome the intense fear of needles? We tell you everything.

Fear of needles: what is Belenophobia or Trypanophobia?

The belnophobia where fear of needles It is a more common phobia than you might think. also talking about Trypanophobia To set more accurate Fear of injections or medical needles. In fact, it affects 1 in 10 French people according to studies. Concretely, this is manifested in an irrational fear of bites, vaccinations, injections, blood samples and sometimes even bites from other sharp objects and tattoos. When people suffer from needle phobia Finding themselves in these situations, symptoms appear systemically.

Symptoms are manifested by cold sweats, hyperventilation, panic attacks, malaise that can sometimes lead to fainting.

Let’s be honest, the prospect of being stung doesn’t please anyone. However, it becomes a phobia when the mere mention of or the thought of an injection causes anxiety. This is the most problematic in that it will lead to avoidance or outright rejection Health Care. Furthermore, some phobias go so far as to refuse vaccinations or blood tests. For some professionals, needle phobia may have affected the low rate of vaccination against the coronavirus. Hence the importance of finding solutions to know how Overcoming the fear of needles.

What is behind the fear of needles?

there all Heaps of phobias from the most common to the most bizarre. Most of the time, the origins of a phobia can be genetic in nature, but it also stems from a bad experience. Such is the case with xenophobia and trypanophobia. In fact, most people who suffer from this phobia have parents who suffer from the same unexplained anxiety. Others have been in a traumatic situation in the past or had to experience it themselves, resulting in an immediate blockage. More simply, fear of injections can simply be related to a Fear of feeling pain.

Belenophobia or Trypanophobia

The fear of needles sometimes hides a certain belief. Some people with phobias admit to feeling intrusive. The impression of removing something or injecting a dangerous substance, which explains their concerns.

How to overcome injection phobia?

Fear of needles can affect both children and adults. It may seem surprising, but adults with xenophobia find it hard to admit. Out of shame or fear of ridicule, they prefer to deny their level of fear. However, ignoring the phobia does not allow you in any way to overcome it, no matter what. Here are 10 tips for overcoming the fear of needles.

Determine the origin of the phobia

Before treating evil, it is necessary to know its origin and causes. As mentioned above, fear of needles can arise from a A bad experience in the hospital. Whether it is tried directly or indirectly, the consequences can be dire in the long run. Phobias can also come from a story or even scenes from films that have left a bad memory.

Understanding why needles are causing you to panic will help you find the best solutions to overcome your fear.

If you are unable to identify the causes of the phobia by working on yourself, consult a Psychotherapist or one Psychoanalyst It will help you lift the veil from the situation.

Think of the positive things

This is arguably the best advice for overcoming an extreme fear of needles. Once you are comfortably seated in front of the practitioner, let your mind travel. Think of the things that make you happy. A beautiful memory, a trip you would like to take, a person dear to you… Anything that can bring you comfort is good to do. Thus, your mind will be too busy to think about the situation Stress You are facing.

Talk to your doctor

don’t be shy! It is necessary to overcome phobia. So feel free to discuss this with the doctor who sees you. Whether it’s for a blood test, a vaccine, or a simple injection, health professionals are trained to handle this type of situation. They will be able to find the words to reassure you and explain why their actions are important to you.

Fear of needle sticks

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Consult a phobia specialist

If your doctor can help you calm down if this happens panic attackOnly a therapist or psychoanalyst will be able to investigate the problem in depth. A treatment option is recommended to overcome the fear of needles when this is a hindrance in your life. Thus, professionals like Dr. Rudolf Oppenheimer Defends Cognitive behavioral therapy Which achieves very satisfactory results.

It consists of eliminating phobia symptoms Exposing the patient to the goal of the latter by proving that he is not exposed to any risk. The therapist can also use virtual reality and discussion. All this allows during the sessions to find a level of fear of needles that decreases due to rationalization.

Use the carrot method

If it works with a child, it also works with adults. The truth is that our brain works a lot with the method of association. What cause produces what effect? If you treat yourself every time you find yourself in front of a needle, the bond will be final. Before or after each injection, do you do that gladly. The carrot way is to give yourself a reward every time. Good restaurant, gift, picnic, all good to reassure you once and for all.

meditation practice

Stress and anxiety caused by having a needle can be reduced by controlling your في breathing. reach you rest Important to get rid of needle phobia symptoms. Thus, taking the time to meditate before the fateful day will allow you to feel more calm when the time comes. Once you get there, all you have to do is breathe in gently to regain your calm and conquer your fear.

Be with a relative

If you fear the day you will have to find yourself in the presence of needles, feel free to ask a loved one to accompany you. Dealing with this situation with someone you trust will make you feel reassured. You can also, with the doctor’s approval, keep this person with you to think about something other than the worrisome situation.

Reassurance at the vaccination site

If you had to go for a vaccination and panic festered days ago, just think about it, a visit to the place can reassure you. You can ask to get to know the place to get a feel for it more trust.

Noting that the building is completely clean, that the equipment is sterile, and that there is no danger in doing so will help you understand the situation better.

Fear of vaccination

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Talking to Phobias

Surely you haven’t thought about it yet, but the phobia affects about 10% of the population in France. To help you overcome your fear of needles, being able to talk to people who are experiencing the same thing will be very beneficial for you. Sharing experiences allows you to better understand your concerns, but also to try other solutions that have worked with other people. There are many pages on social networks, forums and also associations for everything related to phobias. Talking about it is already the middle of the road to overcoming your fear.

Focus on the benefits of injections

Finally, if you have to get bitten, it’s definitely not for nothing. Whether it’s for a vaccine, for a blood test, or for healthcare, the syringe has an important role. This is to allow you to either avoid disease or to diagnose or recover from disease. Managing to find benefits in the gesture will help you rationalize and thus overcome your fears through reason.

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