How important is oral health?

Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential to leading a healthy lifestyle. Even the new World Health Organization status of oral health report, which includes profiles of data for 194 countries, including the United States, shows that the lack of improvement in global oral health is worrying and calls for urgent action.

WHO continues to prioritize oral health and this report reviews the latest information on major oral diseases, risk factors, health system challenges and opportunities for reform. It is intended to inform policy makers and a wide range of stakeholders in prioritizing oral health at international, regional and national levels.

Oral hygiene is often neglected in Jammu and Kashmir and due to carelessness, people suffer from various diseases. government. The Outpatient Department (OPD) of the Srinagar Dental College/Hospital receives at least 700 dental cases per day. Out of 700 patients, they admitted two or three patients with severe infections. Every week, the hospital performs more than five to six surgeries.

According to the resident doctor in Kashmir, chewing tobacco can affect oral health. Oral diseases such as gum disease can affect people. Therefore, prioritizing oral health is important and a need of the moment. Oral hygiene leads to a healthy lifestyle.

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