“Hot Girl Walks” – TikTok Trend That Boosts Mood and Fitness

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TikTok’s ‘baby walk’ is one of the latest trends for many to tie their shoelaces improve their health and self-esteem.

The social media trend was created by a USC student named Mia Lind, also known as @exactlyliketheothergirls on TikTok. She explained in her TikTok post that a “baby walk” involves walking 2-4 miles a day for nearly an hour, which may include listening to uplifting music or a podcast. There are three main things you think about when doing “The Spice Walk.” They include:

  • What are you grateful for?
  • The goals and steps you need to achieve your goals.
  • Remind yourself of your personal beauty.

Young fitness woman running in city street.

In her social media posts, the self-proclaimed creator of “Spice Walks” said, “The challenge is not losing weight, it’s you achieving your goals.” In a video explanation of her Instagram post, Mia explained that in starting a Before the Spice Girls Walking Tour, individuals need to write down three goals: personal, professional, and social—and check the status of those goals every two weeks.

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Instagram influencers even created a spreadsheet where you don’t count calories but actually track your days and your goals. There’s even a “Spice Girls Walk” Spotify playlist that people can listen to as they go on their journey.

Lind’s followers use the hashtag #hotgirlwalk to post photos of their walking journeys, usually 3-5 days a week, with a few days off. Instagram trendsetters also recommend limiting drinking to social situations and promoting acts of kindness toward others and yourself.

USC student told a media outlet she was looking for a Exercise During the COVID Pandemic She is “not afraid” and loves the meditative element that goes with long walks. According to media reports, Lind said that walking was not strongly seen as a form of exercise, so she decided to rename it “Spice Walk” and share it on social media and go global. She now has more than 136 million views on TikTok, and her followings range from college to middle-aged women.

A warm spring morning in Utah.USC student tells a media outlet she's looking for a way to exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic "not afraid" And love the meditative element that goes with long walks.

A warm spring morning in Utah. The USC student told a media outlet she was looking for a form of exercise that she “wasn’t afraid of” during the COVID pandemic and liked the meditative element that goes with long walks.

Giovana Amodeo, one of Lind’s TikTok followers, told Fox News that she started doing the Spice Walk when she was in college during the pandemic, saying “I would say 100% that it improves self-esteem.” Fox News shared that she started walking during quarantine to get out of the house and meet others in a safe way. When she started following the hot girl trend, she said, “It’s grown into a way to help you clear your head, enjoy alone time, listen to inspiring podcasts, and stay in shape.”

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Research has shown that walking can have a positive impact even when participants aren’t even concentrating on the actual activity.

Dr. DJ Moran, an associate professor at Touro University in New York, commented on Fox News’ TikTok trends. “This trend shows the extraordinary power of social media and hashtags Trends that support health. It’s awesome that the Spice Girls Walk encourages more people to exercise and improve themselves. I’m glad to hear that more and more young people are taking walks more often, especially with gratitude and self-reflection. ”

A woman goes for a morning run.  Dr. DJ Moran pointed out, "Hot Girl Walks encourage more people to exercise and improve themselves, which is awesome. "I'm glad to hear that more and more young people are taking walks more often, especially with gratitude and self-reflection."

A woman goes for a morning run. Dr. DJ Moran notes, “Hot Girl Walks encourages more people to exercise and self-improvement, which is fantastic.” I’m glad to hear that more and more young people are starting to walk more frequently, especially when it comes to engaging in gratitude and self-improvement Introspect. ”
(Fox News)

However, Moran said, “I’m a little concerned that they’re being encouraged to think about how hot they are…as long as it’s about self-improvement, great! If it’s about self-aggrandizement, I’m less excited.”

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Tamar Amitay is a physical therapist at Thrive Integrated Physical Therapy in New York City. Amitay told Fox News that this latest walking trend may have positive benefits for the body. “Several studies have concluded that walking can reduce arthritis-related pain. Walking can protect lower extremity joints, especially the hips and knees, by lubricating and strengthening the muscles that support these joints,” says Amitay.

Amitay says walking is okay too Helps promote heart health, prevent weight gain and reduce the risk of cancer and chronic diseases. If you do start a walking program, it’s important to wear comfortable supportive sneakers and stay hydrated, physical therapists told Fox News.

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