Harini Logan wins a spell

Axon Hill, Maryland – The 2022 Scripps National Spelling B race ended in a way that the previous 93 races have not.


The last two contenders, Vikram Raju and Harini Logan, failed to spell two consecutive words correctly between rounds 13 and 18. At that point, the judges chose to start the first spell – 90 seconds to spell as many words as possible correctly. Most spelled correctly He will win the bee.

Logan, an eighth-grader from Texas, spelled 22 words correctly, compared to 15 ragu, to become the 2022 champion. Officially, this year’s winning word was “Moorhen” — a medium-sized bird known as a “female red grouse.”

“It’s a very surreal dream,” said Logan, who competed in her fourth national competition.

Logan, 14, almost didn’t come forward after Thursday’s tour meaning word. She had heard the tragic bell after her response to “withdrawal” was rejected.

“I was like, ‘Wow, I’m out,'” Logan said. That’s it “.

However, during the break, the judges decided that your answer could be correct, as it could mean “breeding” or “swarm.”

Jury chairwoman Mary Brooks explained the verdict, and Logan, who had learned just minutes before her fortunes had changed, returned to her seat on the stage.

“There were just a few minutes in between that it was hectic,” said the Montessori School student in San Antonio.

Logan rolled through the rest of the spell until she came to a dead end with Raju, casting the spell.

Harini Logan, 14, holds a trophy after winning the 2022 Scripps National Spelling Bee.

It was like a “Fast Money” tour by Family Feud who met the spelling bee. Typical questions that the contestants might ask the speaker—part of speech, etymology, and definition—were not allowed. Each word had to be attempted – no skips or passes – and the checker had to press the bell before the next word appeared.

“We activated the spell because it was the best opportunity to show how prepared these spellers were,” said Bee CEO Dr. J. Michael Dornell. “Obviously they have shown their profound ability to compete.”

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