Hands-on: Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak looks like a mighty nugget of DLC

Monster Hunter Rise is awesome – if you haven’t played it, you just have to read our review to see how much we love it – so when Capcom asked us if we wanted to go big in a new DLC expansion called Sunbreak We can’t say no when it’s brilliant.

When we visited Capcom’s UK offices, we only had to try two of the missions, one was to hunt down the Lunagaron, and the other was to complete the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate classic game Seregios.

Lunagaron is your standard quest, but we were delighted to stumble upon another new monster, a giant ape called Garagolm. It can be said that these three monsters treat us as fools.Think the base game is pretty much just a a little Just before their innards are used to decorate their lair, it’s all too easy to breathe a sigh of relief when launching this expansion.

The Seregios quest is also one of the new Follower quests, where you can team up with NPCs to destroy monsters. We expected things to be different given how they were presented, but our fight with Arlow felt like he wasn’t there for a long time.

This may be due to our familiarity with playing with other online hunters, but we’re a little disappointed that this mode doesn’t do much more than have that NPC. Other follower quests might be more fun (especially if they feature fan favorites like Minoto or Hinoa), but for now, we’re keeping this encounter lukewarm.

However, the opposite is true for everything else we can do with our hands. A ton of new quality-of-life features like swapping scrolls that allow you to switch between two toggle skill loads, various actions displayed on the screen, and the new Dango options are all plentiful enough that they elevate the Sunbreak experience to the point where it feels right A real improvement introduced by Rise. Not only does it feel like more quests and a higher difficulty cap, but it feels like a game-wide upgrade, and it brings more chunks than you would expect from a DLC (a big, expensive chunk that grants ) more stuff that is reasonably expected.

Aside from a slight disappointment with the follower quest, our biggest gripe after playing the game was the short amount of time; we feel like we’ve only seen the tiniest bit of what this new DLC has to offer, and we can’t wait to try more.

In short, it’s more like Monster Hunter, but more than just new monsters and new quests – it’s becoming an essential upgrade to the Monster Hunter Rise experience.

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