Halo Infinite Briefly Names Juneteenth Themed Cosmetics “Bonobo”

A Spartan looks at the Juneteenth sign with a sniper rifle in Halo Infinite.

screenshot: 343 Industries / Kotaku

Last night, developer 343 Industries unveiled a Juneteenth-themed cosmetic option Halo Infinite, its a multiplayer shooter. For a while, the attached pan-African-themed palette was named “Bonobo”.One Bonobofor those unaware, is an endangered species of great ape.

I don’t need to tell you how hateful this is.

Halo InfiniteBased on the free-to-play mode, there will be a weekly “reset” every Tuesday at 2:00pm ET – designed to keep the game fresh as a slew of new cosmetic items and modes cycle into the game. This week, 343 Industries added a free but time-limited nameplate in honor of Juneteenth, a federal holiday marking the end of slavery in the United States.

4:45 p.m. ET, halo Content Creator Sean W Published a video on YouTube Explain the situation. Yes, the nameplate itself is named “Juneteenth”. But its color options (which you can access via the secondary submenu) were originally listed as “Bonobo”. 5:10pm ET, Sean W notice Twitter says it’s fixed — possibly the fastest fix ever Halo Infiniteturbulent history of– is now named “Freedom”. Still, it’s absolutely incredible how this happened in the first place.

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on twitter, halo Senior Community Manager John Junyszek said the palette was “incorrectly named”, Attributed to Errors to “Internal Toolset” but doesn’t specify any further details.This halo Content creator Mint Blitz goes further point out A program in Bungie’s early development tools halo The game is named “Bonobo”. (at 343 Industries halo A decade ago in the franchise, original developer Bungie passed them the keys to many of the development tools. )

a person familiar with development halowho to talk to small house On condition of anonymity, it was confirmed that Bonobo is indeed 343’s asset editor.Although it is commonly used during development Halo 5the studio no longer uses it during development Halo Infinite. but it exists. It is very popular among the staff. It will be widely known by many employees of the studio.

This is how the incredible thing happened in the first place.

A spartan standing in front of Halo Infinity with a sniper rifle "free" Palette options.

The nameplate’s color palette, originally named “Bonobo”, is now called “Freedom”.
screenshot: 343 Industries / Kotaku

It is unclear whether the name of the Bonobo program will automatically appear in the text field for the palette name. It’s possible that the crew typed the show name as placeholder text and the studio’s normal process of QAing this stuff didn’t catch it. (Jerry Hook, longtime design director at 343, Left the studio last month. Familiar with multiple sources endlessdevelopment, both requested anonymity, both told small house That Hook is responsible for the game’s appearance system. )Microsoft, small house Be told that many quality checks are done before anything goes into a public facing location.

It’s been seven months now, Halo Infinite A plethora of cosmetic options roll out every week, including no shortage of color options. This happens to be the first time this particular error has occurred – come on. bring it on. for the nameplate About Juneteenth? real? ? ? So, at best, it was an embarrassing mess, and the studio’s QA didn’t catch the update before it went live. In the worst-case scenario, someone or more people made a racist joke somewhere in the development process, and the studio’s QA didn’t catch the update before it went live. Either way, this is an institutional failure.

343’s studio leaders seem to admit how ugly this looks. Halo Infinite Creative director Joe Stanton apologized on Twitter, writing“Our mistake today is unforgivable and I’m ashamed we allowed it to happen.” And studio head Bonnie Ross wrote“On behalf of 343, I apologize for making a moment of celebration a moment of hurt.”

but mainly halo Channels wider than any individual employee’s channel have yet to issue an official statement or explanation, other than retweeting Ross’s apology. When contacted for comment, a representative for 343 Industries had nothing to add.


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