Google plans to cut location reminder assistant feature

The Google logo in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

“Ok Google…set reminders to remind me to remind you to stop your location reminders feature.”


thanks, Google.well if you go Google Assistant Help Page, now it says the ability to create reminders on the app “will be gone soon.” Also, the ability to assign reminders to other people is taking the dodo way.

9to5Google It was first reported that the tech giant plans to do away with location-based reminders on users’ phones or Google Assistant-enabled devices like Google Home.Users first spotted the soon-to-be-canceled feature ReddyTon. Some reviewers complained that the feature never really lived up to its promise.Others say they find this feature useful, even when use it on meoperating system device.

Google did not respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment Thursday morning Why is the feature removed, or when the user can expect the change to happen.

The feature reminds users to perform tasks when they reach a certain location. For example, when you arrive at the grocery store, it might prompt you to pick up an item.Google offers location-based reminders for the first time 2018 and the ability to assign reminders to others 2019.

The timing of this announcement of the change is also telling. Some tech bloggers speculate that these features are being removed to make room for Google’s new “memory“Upgrade to Assistant, promising users that they can list and store anything from links to articles, books, images, contacts, flights, music, recipes, and more.

But the change is also happening quickly, as they and other app developers have come under fire for tracking users’ movements even when they’re not using the apps.One investigation Canadian Privacy Commissioner’s investigation revealed that people who downloaded the app for Tim Hortons – a popular coffee Chains – have their movements track Every few minutes, even when the app is not in use. Investigators say the app collects information to infer where users live, work and travel.

The company claims it was only aggregating location data to analyze user trends, and stopped tracking user locations after local newspapers published it 2020 Revelations. But despite Tim Horton’s claims, companies big and small are Constantly trading users Data used for targeted advertising.

More and more countries and cities are cracking down on privacy protections.Several state attorneys general are sue The tech giant’s collection of its users’ location data. The AG claims that Google’s apps are ubiquitous on phones and devices, making it nearly impossible to opt out of any and all location tracking.

Google Assistant does track user data on devices, according to the company Fact Sheet. Specifically, the Google Home app asks the user for their address, and if you don’t, it uses the device’s IP address to provide the user with regional information like weather or traffic.The tech giant pointed out Privacy Policy Claims that it only collects data based on the user’s settings, and that the app only collects data when the app is active.

The company did not respond to inquiries from Gizmodo about whether the company uses Assistant location alerts for targeted advertising.

However, third-party apps can also share private information with Google when using the Google Assistant, based on user settings.As the Tim Hortons scandal has shown, companies of all kinds are looking to reach customers by any necessary meansespecially as Big Tech Limit an app’s ability to track users.


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