Get strong at any age with our exclusive 30-day workout plan

Exercise is one of the cornerstones of good overall health, and it doesn’t require hours at the gym. Don’t believe us?Our downloadable 30-day “Stronger at Any Age” Workout Plan (Benefits of Joining prevention premium) is designed to help you build muscle and burn fat in a truly manageable way.It was created by fitness and nutrition experts Adam Rosenta personal trainer in New York City, who believes that “true, lasting success is not about a lot of hard work, but a series of small steps you take every day.”

For this simple, effective program, you only need to learn a few moves, and you’re not expected to master them all at once – you’ll perform different mix intensities at different times each day as you work on. Get ready, sweat, and go!

What you’ll find in our members-only guide

Get strong at any age with our exclusive 30-day workout plan fitness plan

The 30-day workout relies on a set of core exercises that train your body through basic movement patterns under resistance, so you’ll gain strength to help you better handle everything you want to do in your daily life. Our guide will show you how to do each move, how to combine them, and build a stronger, leaner body.

Once you’ve mastered the eight exercises used in the 30-day workout, you’ll always have the preferred movements you can use to create your own routine (you’ll feel like your own personal trainer!).

    ✔️ you will learn How to safely introduce weights into your exercise routine. Strength training is one of the best ways to maintain muscle mass, support strong bones, build energy, and get stronger overall.

      ✔️ flexibility! Bottom line: We want you to be healthier. So there is no pressure to be perfect right away. If a move or day feels like too much, it’s perfectly fine to rest between moves or break them into smaller groups. Remember – something is better than nothing!

        ✔️ Motivation and tips to keep you on tracksuch as what to do when in pain, how to stay motivated, etc.

          Here’s a sneak peek of a few days in your 30-day plan:

          Get strong at any age with our exclusive 30-day workout plan page 2

          Day 1: Just 45 seconds!

          You will do 10 jacks and 8 squats. That’s it, congrats!

          Day 8: 5 Steps!

          You’ll start and finish with jacks and do squats, push-ups, bent-over rows, and planks in between. This will take less than five minutes – don’t be intimidated by push-ups. you have this.

          Day 26: 19 minutes of sweating and worth a try!

          At this point, you’ll have completed 150 jacks, three 30-second planks, and six other active moves. Trust us: this app will get you there!

          Join Prevention Premium and download 30 Day Workouts to discover easy ways to get fit.

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