Gas prices, Crit’Air poster….what will change on June 1

Practical life – With the arrival of June, the daily life of the French will see some changes, notably between the arrival of the new family book, the increase in gas prices, and the expiration of the Crit’Air 4 car stickers in the Greater area. Paris…

HuffPost Assessing what will change as of Wednesday 1st June and the coming weeks.

Gas price hike

The regulated gas prices applied by Engie will continue to increase by 4.4% as of June 1. An increase is observed due to high gas prices on the world market, as well as a decrease in European stocks associated with the war in Ukraine Challenges.

This increase will be 1.2% for customers who use gas for cooking, 2.6% for those with dual-use, cooking and hot water, and 4.6% for gas-powered homes.

New family notebook

On June 1, a new model from the family brochure will come. By decree of May 3, 2022, this updated handbook allows for the inclusion of Medically Assisted Procreation (PMA), the new rule on name selection, adoption reform, the identity of stillborn children, as well as the death certificate of adult children.

end of winter vacation

With an additional two months extended since April 1, the winter break ends on June 1. From this date, evictions can resume. According to the Abi Pierre Foundation, 30,000 families could be evicted from their homes.

Simplified Home Loan for Ex-Cancer Patients

More justice for people who have been cured of cancer for several years and who have faced many difficulties to get a mortgage.

Starting Wednesday, the law is changing and now allowing former cancer or hepatitis C patients to get credit on the same terms as another borrower. However, this procedure does not apply until five years after they have recovered. This was already the case for people who had been treated for cancer before age 21.

Previously, this “right to be forgotten”, which was included in the framework of the AERAS (Insurance and Borrowing with Serious Health Risks) agreement, was for 10 years. Action taken to avoid the tendency to default or even refuse a loan. The law of February 28, 2022 also plans to cancel the medical questionnaire for loans below 200,000 euros.

Terminate your borrower’s insurance ‘anytime’

It will be possible, from tomorrow, to terminate your borrower’s insurance “at any time” for all loans taken from June 1. For those whose contracts are already in progress, this will be possible from 1Verse September 2022.

Prior to this, the borrower’s insurance could only be terminated in the first 12 months after mortgage underwriting. A year later, this was only possible on the anniversary date of the contract. The borrower is then free to enter into a new contract with any insurance company.

Insurance companies will be from 1Verse June, Borrowers are required to be informed each year of this right and its terms.

Simplify the right to have a bank account

The right to access a bank account is also now simplified. Thus, a person who requests the opening of a bank account and does not receive an answer within 15 days of his request, can turn to the Bank of France. The latter automatically assigns a facility close to the applicant’s home country. explains: “This procedure is open to any person residing in France or in a member state of the European Union, any French citizen residing abroad and also to applicants who are prohibited from banking.”

Best Comparison of Life and Insurance Costs PER

The costs of life insurance and PER (Retirement Savings Plan) will become clearer thanks to the action taken at the initiative of Bruno Le Maire. This requires insurance companies and banking institutions to display on their website a summary table of management fees applicable to each life insurance or PER.

Improving consumer protection on the Internet

The information that the professional must communicate to the customer in the context of distance selling is reinforced as of June 1, 2022, the specialist website notes This complies with the European Directive on the Modernization of Consumer Protection. There are now 15 commitments to fulfill, compared to the previous 6.

These new provisions are specifically aimed at improving consumer protection during cross-border transactions, which are becoming increasingly common on the Internet.

Polluted cars banned in Greater Paris

From June, vehicles with the Crit’Air 4 sticker will not be able to drive in the low-emissions areas of Greater Paris, as well as the Intra-Morros region of Paris. From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., diesel cars manufactured before 2006, and those with gasoline engines before 1997, will not be able to drive on weekdays. This ban remains in effect every day for trucks and buses. A fine of 68 euros may be imposed.

The end of the restaurant ticket ceiling is the end of June

After the postponement, the end of the €38 limit for restaurant tickets will finally be recorded at the end of June. During the crisis, the government decided to double the ceiling to subsidize restaurants and encourage the French to return to restaurants.

This measure is due to expire on June 30. Then the ceiling goes back to 19 euros.

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