Frederic (married at first sight) ‘disgusted’ by Emily: discoveries about his elusive behavior

Nothing was going between emily (34-year-old real estate negotiator) and Frederick (40-year-old real estate agent). Despite their 84% agreement, the two candidates made the decision to divorce as M6 viewers found out during an episode Married at first sight 2022 May 30. A case in which Frederic expressed himself very quickly.

Their last wedding night was in Prague when the first quarrel broke out over a simple dance. Frederic wanted to cheat his wife by dancing in a belo belo belo and it backfired. Emily doubted his honesty and asked if he was on the show to make a fuss. An unfounded interrogation of the father of Amber (14 years). “In this experiment, I learned that I can meet an honest woman but I might run into a woman just looking to make a fuss to bounce back later. So I was skeptical and observant. With my daughter, I am used to decoding nonverbal language and have a good understanding of human behavior. With Emily, I had doubts and discussed it with her off-camera. When I told her a joke, she directed these suspicions against me wondering if I was making that joke for the hype. blocked me‘, capture him TV Magazine.

Despite their big argument, they ended up making things right. Thus, Frederic went to Emilie’s in Paris. But the feuds resumed further when he returned to his home in Heyer. Ask the expert Estelle Dossin for help. But at that time, the father of the family did not have much hope: “Emily had bothered me publicly and something had exploded inside of me. There were closed words. Having a strong personality does not justify differences in languageHe said. He privately explained that one day, they had to cancel the shoot because Emily’s daughter Lena (one year old), had to go to the emergency room the day before. The brunette witch reportedly blamed him for breaking the news a cute little bit. Too over production.”She started telling me I was making a pregnancy, that I’m not a man and I don’t have balls Because she found out that I lack firmness in production. Because, during the day, she also called the movie crews to ask the same thing but more aggressively‘, he remembers.

Masks are falling off

Emily would also repeat to him several times that Lena was not his daughter, and therefore had nothing to say to him regarding his education. She would also have criticized Frederic vehemently with his family: “She had her mother on the phone and she told her in front of me that I wasn’t a man, that I had no balls, that I was a manipulator, that I was playing a pregnancy with the production…“So he took his things and made the decision to leave. Only to announce that they wanted a divorce they found each other. And again, the young woman was going to insult him.”I felt disgusted. Emily made me lose my smile and the joy of life‘He finished.’

On Instagram, Frédérick didn’t spare her either, explaining that she was Very selfish and spends her time complaining to attract attention. He then lamented that while filming, Emily wasn’t really willing to invest in a relationship.

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