Fitness Reminder: This is how Disha Patani ‘cleaned the rust’

Disa Pattani Loves sharing clips of her fitness classes on social media – including a variety of flexibility and strength training. same, Yoda The actor shared a glimpse of her practicing empty kicks.

“Removing the rust,” Disha captioned a video in which she can be seen performing a 360-degree kick.In another video, the 30-year-old made sure to show off her strength When she tried to turn around and kick the ball.

She was also seen turning around before jumping up with her left leg and kicking the wall with her right.


According to experts, kicking helps strengthen the buttocks, thighs and abs. Kicking is a great form of cardio that not only helps with weight loss but also works your lower body muscles.

Wrestler, CrossFit and gym trainer Rakhi Chaudhary stresses that flexibility is crucial when performing aerial kicks, adding that with regular practice it can help improve posture and stamina and become more flexible.

“If a practitioner is trying to hit an object, greater strength, speed and regular practice are required,” the trainer said in an earlier interaction with the portal. With the knees straight and in proper balance, the feet should strike the ground firmly but softly — something that takes regular practice to perfect, shares Chaudhary.

Dishaa self-confessed fitness buff, has been practicing different types of kicks.

take a look.

In one instance, she experimented with the B-twist, also known as the butterfly twist, which is considered a basic acrobatic move.

In another match, she scored a triple kick and was even praised by fitness enthusiast and friend Tiger Shroff, who commented, “clean af.”

In another video, she can be seen jumping up to do an air kick, with Shroff commenting, “Damn. Wish I could stay in the air that long”.

Great inspiration?Here’s why it’s a good exercise mix

As the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that adults engage in 5 hours of moderate exercise or 2.5 hours of vigorous exercise or a combination of both per week, Dr Richa Kulkarni, Chief Consulting Physiotherapist at KINESIS-Motion Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Clinic in Pune mentions that according to factors such as an individual’s age and fitness, the optimal balance of aerobic and strength training, and flexibility exercisesis a great combination.

Dr. Kulkarni shared:

*It is possible to increase the number of sets or repetitions.
*You can try increasing the duration exercise.
*Reduce rest time between exercises.
*Add resistance workouts using your body weight, kettlebells, medicine balls, and more.
* Slow down or speed up the action.
*Try a high-intensity workout one day and a total body sculpt the next.

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