first lady.Marvel clip makes Hulk make a joke

Marvel fans are less than a week away from seeing another new MCU hero: Iman Villani’s Kamala lady marvel The Disney+ series will follow the Pakistani-American who grew up in New Jersey as she finally discovers her superpower. The character is a relatively new invention in Marvel Comics history, but nonetheless, the excitement of seeing her debut is only going to grow.

One of the biggest elements of Kamala Khan as a character is that she’s a huge fan of superheroes. As Ms. Marvel’s name suggests, her favorite is often Carol Danver’s cosmic heroes. Still, it seems like a lot of other heroes will get some love from her as well.

At some point in the show, the character will join the Avengers — seemingly dressed as Captain Marvel.Now, some new clips from lady marvel Already released, one shows off an alternate outfit for the trip: the Hulk.

Ms. Marvel clip released

Two new cuts from the upcoming Marvel Studios Disney+ series lady marvel It was released for fans to watch ahead of its June 8 premiere.

The first shows Kamala Khan’s mother and father trying to share their daughter’s excitement at AvengerCon while providing some stipulations for her attendance — including wearing a homemade Hulk costume.

Needless to say, it’s a safe bet that Kamala didn’t have this green alternative in mind.


Another clip shows Matlinz’s Bruno Carelli helping his best friend, the hero of Iman Villani, as she discovers her newfound powers.

Bruno doesn’t seem to be going long without knowing Kamala Khan’s secret. Maybe he’s the first person she talks about her new abilities?

lady marvel

Poor Hulk is not a favorite

To be fair to Kamala, most people are probably pretty embarrassed about their dad wearing green makeup — not to mention that being the Hulk doesn’t really make Kamala Khan scream. The footage seen earlier seems to confirm that she ditched the Hulk suit for something more appropriate: Captain Marvel cosplay.

That said, if the actress behind the hero was in charge, Kamala would dress up as the late Iron Man in a heartbeat. The second clip does mention the Asgardians’ titular character, though; when she learns of Jane Foster’s Thor, it’s hard not to wonder if she’ll be able to stay united.

After Iman Villani’s hero’s first adventure, she’s next in MiracleNot only will her next outing be a movie, but Kamala Khan will be working side by side with her favorite superhero. Hopefully, the Disney+ series will do justice to how important Carol Danvers is to Ms. Marvel’s identity. The better all of this is set up, the bigger the impact will be when two paths cross for the first time.

lady marvel landing on Disney+ on June 8, and Miracle Released on July 28, 2023.


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