Final Fantasy XIV: New Jobs planned? Producers respond

game news Final Fantasy XIV: New Jobs planned? Producers respond

After a difficult launch forced Square Enix to completely review the game’s structure, Final Fantasy XIV has gradually become a core MMO, and each expansion is eagerly awaited, to the point of creating long queues.

Difficulty developing new jobs

The latest expansion to date, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, was anticipated in more ways than one. First, she Concludes a huge story with a bowand lays the foundation for the future of MMO. Moreover, it offers Two new jobs, Sage and Reaper of Soulsjust to offer more variety in character building and in strategies to be deployed in dungeons and raids.

But year after year, It becomes difficult for developers to introduce new functionality. In fact, they should not just be a simple improved version of an existing function, and they offer something new. Interviewed by We Are Vana’diel, Naoki Yoshida, Producer of Final Fantasy XIV, and Akihiko Matsui, Producer of Final Fantasy XIRaised the thorny topic of jobs. these Emphasizes That it is very difficult to imagine a new function, adding, as one might guess:

(The Team) cannot release a higher version of a particular work, a new work that provides the same experience as the existing work. This will eliminate the purpose of adding a new post. Mtsui says that (adding) a new function or playable race as a major feature of a new group is a design rule.

An essential component of the new expansions

More challenging mission, next gaming experience”conforms to its pre-determined design”. In other words, a new function cannot be created without it It brings something into the game and opens up a new perspective on the game and blends in in groups of the players. Initially, the functions of Final Fantasy XI Online and XIV took the existing ones In the license games, but it inevitably came time to run out of vein:

At this point, I think we have no choice but to introduce new functionality that hasn’t appeared in the Final Fantasy series before. (…]We always need to add more functions to keep providing new gaming experiences.

So it is almost certain, There will be new jobs in future expansions From Final Fantasy XIV, and even Final Fantasy XI. But the producers did not reveal the features of the latter, and given their statements, it seems especially difficult. Until then, many things were planned. Patch 6.1 arrived in April6.2 will arrive in August or September. The others should arrive in December/January 2023, in April/May 2023, To reach version 6.5 in August/September 2023.

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