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The world of sim racing will soon expand as a Lens Sports Landing is scheduled for 2023.

Originally announced in April, the company is developing Lens SportsCompetition Company GmbH, held a sim racing summit in its hometown of Munich to accurately expand Lens Sports Yes – no – and the opportunity for esports folks to experience the title for themselves.

Competition Company is led by CEO Morris Hebecker.The name may not be familiar, but Hebecker is also the CEO of Morphicon, a publisher whose titles include Armed Forces II expansion arrow. As a developer, CC employs about 45 people.

what platform will Lens Sports support?

Lens Sports Will be a PC racing game.While CC does not currently explicitly exclude consoles, describing them in job postings as “x platform”, the truth is that many plan to use Lens Sports It’s easier to do on PC.

That is, the game was developed using Unreal Engine 5. UE5 will be used for the game’s visuals, while CC will run a custom physics engine under it, the same role that Monster Truck Championship’s lead programmer Krzysztof Szczech moved from Teyon to CC.

what is the theme Lens Sports?

The name itself — the German word for “racing” — doesn’t give any particular clue to the title’s theme. However, the game’s initial release material described it as a “hyper-realistic racing game” and relied heavily on two GT3 race cars: the BMW M4 GT3 and the Porsche 911 GT3 R. This includes the first gameplay video, from the alpha release:

Although it sounds like Assetto Corsa Athletics, the summit also launched the third Porsche Mission R concept car. This suggests that GT3 racing may not be the sole focus of vehicle production.

Cars and racetracks?

As you will see above, the current version has the Hockenheim circuit. Hilltop buildings include a GT3 track that isn’t particularly well-known: The Hill Climb at Goodwood.

This may be related to the fact that CC plans to release Lens Sports A rig at this summer’s Festival of Speed, but it’s a fun lesson in the grand unveiling.

Only two Porsche models and a BMW are currently included, but that’s only in this Alpha version. We’ll hear more in due course.

Main features

VR support should be out of the box, and CC is working with Epic Games to make triple-screen support possible – citing issues with UE5 that limit it. The dynamic time of day and weather looks like it will miss the launch window, but the dynamic orbital surface should land in time.

One thing Rennsport will be focusing on in particular is esports.There are plans to have a ranking system for driver ability and sportsmanship similar to other games, and CC has partnered with ESL Gaming GmbH, which is known for its battlefield, Counter Strike, Dotaand World of Tanks Tournament – Expect major organized events.

There are two more important aspects Lens Sports. The first one is, like RaceRoom racing experience, CC plans to play for free. That means it will include a free bundle of core tracks and cars, and players can purchase add-ons as they see fit.

However, there are also plans to make the door swing both ways and let players sell content as well – although how this will work is a mystery at the moment.

“Digital Ownership”

In principle, each car Lens Sports Just like a real-world car, it will have its own unique electronic vehicle identification number (VIN). This means that each car will be distinct from many other similar cars and carry its own history. Players can also create vehicles through game mods.

You can then sell your car to other players through an unspecified marketplace, although CC has not yet identified the technology that supports the transaction.Although these projects are by definition irreplaceable, Hebecker insists that Lens Sports Is “not a fucking NFT game”.

A public beta will be available later in 2022, and a public beta in 2023 before the end-23 release window.Players can also try out the game at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in 2022, and Lens Sports Roadshows are underway for the game – seemingly at destinations across Germany – right now.

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