Elden Ring Randomizer can replace all enemies with Malenia

GIF: FromSoftware / thefifthmatt / Kotaku

if you are still playing Eldon Ring Never want to stop, you are lucky. A new PC randomizer mod changes everything from item placement to boss locations. You can even turn every enemy into Marinia. Considering it an unofficial “New Game Plus” FromSoftware is too merciful to self-publish.

Announced back in April, Matt “thefifthmatt” Gruen’s Eldon RingItem and enemy randomizersThe mod is now “fully functional”. It scrambles the world, shop and enemy items, as well as the character’s initial gear. Bosses are also interchangeable. You can also set key item positions to change. Everything is calibrated using sliders, So you can customize how to get out of the mess. The mod even has a completion mode where you can’t complete the final boss fight until you’ve collected all seven great runes.

“In the best case, I hope the randomizer gives the player an experience of discovery and adaptation, which is not always the case in normal replay,” Gruen told small house in an email. “Shuffle-based randomizers also have interesting design elements, like things like knowing where X ends up in Y allows you to infer Y.”

Randomizers are becoming popular in games with high replayability Where it is needed by those who have mastered the underlying game A new way to challenge yourself. and the current version 0.4.1 Eldon Ring Still a work in progress, with a roadmap for future improvements and ongoing bug fixes.it is also Cooperation has been supported.

Gruen says he was influenced by Modder HotPocketRemix dark soulitem randomizer,” which inspired him to Dark Souls 3 and wolf. His experience with these projects helped prepare him Eldon Ringits randomizer clocks in over 45,000 lines of code and over 90,000 configuration files.

Eldon Ring is a complex and rich game where 99% of players won’t see 100% of what it’s all about, so modding it requires a different approach to design and implementation,” Gruen said. However, the modding community invested in FromSoftware Thousands of hours of early gameplay have paid off. Eldon RingTechnical improvement over its predecessorthey’ve been able to modify the game at breakneck speed.

“Many of the limitations that hinder modding in previous games are gone,” he said. “I hope Eldon Ring It has a thriving future where people want to experience it in various ways. ”


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