Eagles’ Trae Young focuses on positives, not haters

Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young is excited to be a husband.

Young, who proposed to longtime girlfriend Shelby Miller in December, will say “I do” at a ceremony in the summer of 2023, he told The Washington Post.

“The engagement happened this season, so I really didn’t have a break,” he said. “I’m very focused on basketball. But now, she’s been doing all the wedding planning.”

Young didn’t let go when it came to wedding planning, but he put Miller in charge.

“She’ll ask me a few details here and there about what I like, but I kind of let her do her thing,” said Yang, who admittedly “nervous” when he asked the question in December.

“Obviously, I knew what she was going to say, but it was a tense time.”

Although Young hasn’t had any specific musical requirements for the couple’s wedding reception, he said: “I’m already a slow improviser. We always listen to slow improvisations. [together]. Surely there will be good music. “

Trae Young has proven the skeptics wrong, and now he’s focused on the positivity.
Jason Sennes of The New York Post

Young and Miller revealed their engagement in a matching Instagram post. The photos feature the point guard kneeling in front of an arch of blue balloons surrounded by candles. The floor was covered with white rose petals, and a nearby sign seemed to read “Marry Me.”

Young and former Oklahoma cheerleader Miller first met while they were in school. She made their relationship official on Instagram in October 2017, when he showed up to watch her cheer at a football game in Oklahoma.

After an early exit in the first round of the playoffs in April, Young’s offseason included making up for lost time with his fiancée and family.

“I’ve always been locked in, but now I’m locked in something different [in the offseason],” he said. “I try to take my little brother to school or to lunch or whatever. This is a priority for me. It’s such little things. Doing other things outside of basketball is important to me. This is not my only identity. ”

After the Hawks exited the playoffs as the 8th seed in the East, they were eliminated by the Heat in the first round of the playoffs in five games. That was nearly a year after Young led Atlanta to the Eastern Conference finals last season, when the Hawks were eliminated by the Bucks in five games.

“I just want to keep improving my efficiency, and I’ve gotten better every year since I came into the league, so keep going down that road,” Young said of his focus as he prepares for his fifth NBA season. “I Getting older, so getting stronger and being in top shape are two of my biggest priorities for next season.”

The 23-year-old is always positive. His Trae Young Family Foundation advocates eliminating negativity and living with yourself. It’s partnered with Trident Gum, who donated $200,000 to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s the vision he’s trying to stick to.

“I want to be a better version of myself,” he said. “It’s not necessarily about proving anyone wrong. I’ve beaten the doubters here. It’s more about continuing to prove people who believe in me right. I don’t focus on the little details that prove people wrong. I try to be right My thoughts are positive. I have one of the best strength coaches in the game [Travelle Gaines]. “

His 2021-22 numbers back up his positive thinking: He ranks sixth in the NBA in points per game and assists per game while leading the Hawks to the second-best offensive rating in the league last season.

However, as his season comes to an end, he can focus on some positivity off the court. Let’s say, get married and have some slow jam parties.


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