Drew Tim is back

It was announced today, that Gonzaga Bulldogs striker Drew Tim will return to Gonzaga for another season.

Last year, Timme averaged 18.4 points for the team, took 6.8 rebounds, and provided 2.8 assists per game last season, while shooting 58.6 percent from the ground. As one of the top starting men in last season’s college rings, Timme didn’t meet the insanely high expectations placed on him, but he kept his pace as well as the All-American.

That was to be expected when Timme announced the NBA draft, and showed off his future potential in the NBA during the draft collecting. Although he didn’t rank very high in any of the Physical Test categories, he held his ground during scrimmages, scoring 34 points in 44 minutes of play, and even hitting four of his five three-pointers in a single match.

However, we may see an additional benefit of NIL in college collars here. Timme was one of the most marketable athletes this past season, a number that will undoubtedly increase if he returns to college for another season. Given that Timme wasn’t landing on mock demo panels in the first round, and thus didn’t secure an initial contract, returning to Spokane makes a lot of feasible financial logic.

It’s also a big return for Gonzaga, whose front line would have been the proven Anton Watson, followed by the potential of Afton Reed, Ben Gregg and Caden Berry. With Rasir Bolton and Julian Strawther also returning to Gonzaga in the past couple of days, Zags now boast one of the deepest squads the team has had in years.

Let’s go Zags.

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