Don’t have time for a big workout? Try “Sports Snacks”

after a long time a day at work, Last What you might want to do is a hard workout. Even thinking about it can be exhausting, especially when you’re trying to balance dinner, spending time with family and friends, and other things on your to-do list. How could you possibly do all this?

That’s where “sports snacks” come in. Instead of doing one big workout every day, it encourages you to do some exercise in shorter periods of time throughout the day.

The goal is to move your body in a way that makes you feel good or productive. Exercise snacking can be as informal or formal as you like. On the informal side, it might look like walking the dog, stretching your legs, doing a jack while watching TV, taking the stairs, or using a resistance band at work.

“You can do this without really affecting the timing of your day,” says Peloton coach Joslyn Thompson-Rule.

Even a small amount of exercise can improve your health.

Not only are sports snacks easier to fit into a busy schedule, but they’re also good for your health.

according to A 2019 study in the Journal of Aging Research, Exercise and snacking can improve leg muscle function and size.and even Climbing stairs for a few minutes throughout the day may improve cardiovascular healthaccording to research by McMaster University and UBC Okanagan.

Sports snacks can also improve your daily routine.It “gives you a burst of energy” and “improves sleep performance,” says George DillonPrenatal and postnatal personal trainer Sports Snack Videos. So it can help you Against the downturn of that afternoon You may feel it after lunch.

“It’s certainly good for cardiovascular health, but what’s most important to me is that it also has a positive effect on mental health,” says Thompson-Rule. If you’re feeling down, unmotivated, or unable to concentrate, a sports snack can change that. According to Dillon, it improves clarity, elevates your mood, and generally benefits your mental health.

Since this type of exercise is generally easier to perform, it can also help you feel more accomplished, as if you were able to achieve your goals. “[It’s] Rewards and gives you a sense of accomplishment,” Dillon added.

Small-scale exercise can be easier and more accessible—and it has health benefits.

This is a more accessible option for those who find exercise triggers or physical difficulties.

for those who have exercise addiction, knowing what a “healthy” workout looks like and stopping it when necessary can be difficult. A sports snack is intentionally shortened to reduce triggers and feel more natural than a trip to the gym.

“For those who are conditioned or who find exercise more difficult, practicing appropriate small exercise snacks means they don’t stress themselves out too much prematurely,” Dillon said.

Exercise isn’t always an option for people with chronic medical conditions, such as back pain or heart problems — especially over extended periods of time.Best to talk to your doctor (preferably proficient Health of All Sizesa holistic framework for promoting health equity), but according to the Cleveland Clinic, low-intensity exercise, such as walking or resistance bands In the short term, it can be selected as a “snack”.But again, ask your doctor first (and listen to your body) because More exercise could make it worse for people with chronic fatigue syndromeE.g.

Here’s how to make your own “sports snacks.”

So think about what kind of sports snack you want is right for you. What works best for your day and is the most actionable?

“There’s no hard and fast rule — again, we’re trying to get away from the idea of ​​having to move for a while to ‘count’,” Thompson-Rule said.

But if you need some more formal ideas to get you started, one option Dillon suggests is interval workouts. “Choose four exercises and set an interval timer for 30 seconds of exercise, 20 seconds of rest and repeat exercise snack time, [such as] Eight minutes,” she said.

These exercises can be push-ups, sit-ups, squats, planks, lunges, or whatever moves you find the most fun. (Remember: if you don’t like it, you don’t want to do it, and it’s harder to get into the habit. Plus, you should enjoy it. Exercise doesn’t have to be something you’re afraid of!)

Thompson rule agreed. “With that in mind, encountering yourself in time and action means you can do what works for you,” she says.

At the end of the day, sports snacks are a whole new (and even better) way of looking at exercise. “It frees us from the idea that we have to exercise for a while to be effective,” added Thompson-Rule. “Exercise is so different for everyone.”


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