Dogs keep bringing random stuff to convince humans to stop working, and it works | Trends

A video of the dog carrying random things to convince its man to stop working was posted on Instagram.

Pet parents, especially those with dogs, know that their fur babies love to play with them. Sometimes animals also try various methods to convince humans to give up all work and play. It’s like this cute dog brings random things to its humans and convinces them to stop working and spend some time with it.

The video was posted on the dog’s Instagram page named Ollie. “Well, he’s a hound after all,” reads the caption posted with the video.

The brilliant video opens to reveal a text insert that reads: “Evaluate what my dog ​​brought me to convince me to stop working.” The clip then goes on to show the various things the dog brings. It ranges from clothing to TV remotes. Eventually, the dog made it, and the humans stopped working and playing with the dog.

Check out the video:

The video was posted about five days ago. Since its release, the clip has accumulated over 510,000 views and counting. The sharing also prompted various comments.

“I need that ball! Can you get my Ollie back?!” one Instagram user wrote. “That football definitely caught my eye! Could you please share where my dog ​​mom can get me one?” another asked. “Olivia gave me one toy after another until I stopped working too,” a third said. “How could you not want to play with him,” commented a fourth. “How cute!” a fifth commented. “How can you come home every day with a cute little guy like Ollie?” posted the sixth.

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