Djokovic brings life back, fifth set looms

White game Nadal

We feel the guys have more than three hours in the legs. This white game with short exchanges shows this well (4-2). But there is also, undoubtedly, effort management…

4-1 to Djokovic

The Serb lost two points at 40-0 but still secured his serve. 4-1 in this fourth game of his. Obviously, we are heading towards the fifth group.

The weather is cold

Many other plaids and blankets in public places. For players, this is another difficulty to manage. He told himself before the match that Nadal is more prone to low mercury.

White game, 3-0 to Djokovic

Nadal did not show any resistance to the opponent’s serve.

And it’s a break for Djokovic!

Djokovic is now 2-0 up in the fourth set. The harbinger of the fifth group? World #1 seems to be active anyway.

One point for the full score

6-2, 4-6, 6-2, 0-1 in favor of Nadal throughout the match.

whistles against Djokovic

The spectators did not appreciate the joking gesture against the Serbian, who hit the lead with his racket after losing the first point of the second half (1-0 to Nol in the fourth set).

Another favorable case for Nadal

100% victory for Nadal when he leads two sets to one against Nol. This bodes well for the Spaniard, but it does not mean that the match will be over by the end of the fourth round.

The clock is ticking for the audience

3h02 out of play specifically, right now. Will all the spectators remain in this fourth group? On line 9 of the metro, last departure towards Paris at 00:34 …

Nadal takes the third set! Leading two sets versus 1!

6-2! The two geniuses remained on the main court for just over three hours!

Djokovic reassures himself and bows his serve quickly 5-2!

The Serbian easily wins the service game and reassures himself after several mistakes in recent matches. 5-2, Nadal serves to win the third set.

Oh Djokovic cracks! Nadal leads the nail! 5-1!

Unplayable in his service game, Nadal Djokovic chained balls cracked off the field. Mallorcan now has a very long lead, 5-1.

Double break from Nadal, who takes advantage of Djokovic’s mistakes! 4-1!

The Spaniard can count on easy Serb errors to endure a double break, and wrap up round three a bit more: 4-1 to Nadal!

Nadal confirms his break at the end of the thrill 3-1!

Majorcan feared his serve but he slipped away again and managed to win this match to continue his race at a 3-1 lead.

A new extended game… and a third draw!

Specialists in extended games, the evening giant is back on their way after three rushing matches and they are already in the third par.

Djokovic offers himself an ace to move 2-1!

The Serbian bears the shock and easily wins the service match, returning with a score of 2-1.

Nadal confirms his 2-0 break!

The match accelerated and Nadal won two matches within nine minutes. Mallorca reveals his full range, concluding with a great long forehand.

White break for Nadal! 1-0!

Very complicated this is the start of the third round for Djokovic. The Serbian Rafa broke again in his first match, as in the other two sets. It’s already 1-0 to Nadal.

The law that doesn’t work for Rafa…

Tic, tok… The last three matches that lasted more than 3 hours between Nadal and Djoko ended with the Serbian victories… Time is playing in favor of the world number one.

Djokovic wins the second set and draws a group everywhere! 6-4!

The match has been fully resumed! While Rafael Nadal was serving, Spain’s Novak Djokovic broke to win the second set 6-4. Group everywhere!

Djokovic easily wins the service match… 5-4!

The Serbian returns to the front in an unusually short match in terms of time. Rafael Nadal at the service of the next match, to continue to make this last set.

equality! 4-4!

Rafael Nadal wins serve after another heated match, recovering 4-4.

The marathon continues

What a confrontation! At the end of a new extended game, the world number one keeps his services and leads for the first time in the match by a set. 4-3 We’re close to two hours of play and Nadal is still getting a break point.

Debrik Djokovic, 3-3!

The Serbian advanced 3-0, winning the third match in a row to recover 3-3, on his fifth attempt and after more than a quarter of an hour of effort! He will now lead in this second group. The level of play between the two men is completely tight.

Endless sixth game

Already over 12 minutes into this sixth game… and a warning to Nadal, who is leading 3-2 in this second set.

Nadal complains about the eye

Before he started his service game, the Spaniard was in discussion with the referee over eye discomfort, possibly from mosquitoes. In the end he earns his place.

Djokovic treats

The Serbian wins his match without much difficulty and appears to be gaining momentum in this second round. He won two consecutive matches for the first time in the match. It comes 3-2.

Djokovic is assured

The world number one takes advantage of a missed shot from his opponent to free it from the break. Still 3-1 behind.

Double break for Nadal!

The world number one misses his top spot and is crucified by Nadal, who is now 3-0 ahead, to follow!

Nadal confirms a break

Excellent service game from the Spaniard, in which he won in white, much more easily than his opponent. He leads 2-0 in this second set.

Indeed a break for Nadal in this second set! 1-0!

The fight continues for Djokovic… After saving six break points in a match that lasted over 13 minutes, the Serbian finally bowed and saw Nadal pass him again in his first match. 1-0 to the Spaniard in this one-sided match!

Indeed a stopping point for Nadal…

The islands of Mallorca are exceptionally defensive and get Deoco to get it wrong.

The first set of Rafael Nadal! 6-2!

Unplayable on his serve, so it makes sense that Rafael Nadal would win the first set with a header. A great start to the match for Mallorca, who won 6-2 in the first set against world number one and defending champion Novak Djokovic. One-way shock to the Spaniard.

When he leads 5-1 against Djoko…

When he takes a 5-1 lead over Djokovic, Nadal has only six wins and one loss.

A little relief for Deoko who won the service match 5-2!

The Serb, who looked very nervous on Tuesday night, managed to win the service match after suffering two breaks from Nadal. He’ll reassure a bit and take a 5-2 lead.

Looks like the first set is done, 5-1 to Nadal!

Nadal is in great shape and looks solid tonight. After the first long exchanges, the Spaniard has already taken the lead and dominates the exchanges. 5-1 Mallorca vs Djoko.

Nadal’s double break! 4-1!

enormous! The Spaniard is taking a second break in this group and is definitely in control against Novak Djokovic. He continued his race to lead 4-1 thanks to great passes to finish with.

Already 30 minutes for only 4 games…

This poster promises to be very, very long, as the first four games have already taken half an hour.

A game for Rafa who keeps his lead, 3-1!

At the end of the suspense, Nadal does well and manages to win his service match which took off very poorly. 3-1 to the Spanish.

Nadal saves three points to break the speed!

The Spaniard is having a hard time serving him too soon to see Djokovic use it to get back to par. It’s still 2-1, but Nadal is back at 40A.

White match for Djokovic!

And ace for Djokovic, who led 2-1 after serving.

2-0 to Rafael Nadal!

The Spaniard continues his race in the lead and confirms his break. Strong in his service game, he’s already pushed Novak Djokovic away.

Nadal rest!

After 10 minutes of play, Rafael Nadal wins the first half of this match over Novak Djokovic’s serve. The first surprise at Philippe Chatrier Stadium!

Already nine minutes into this first game!

We’ve been warned: this match will likely continue. In Djoko’s service, Nadal sticks out and pushes this exchange to 40A which continues.

22 shots were reported from the second point!

The match started strong, with Rafael Nadal looking very strong and responding perfectly to Novak Djokovic on his serve. 15-30 to Djoku.

whistles against Djokovic

Prime Video consultant Marion Bartoli describes “a lot of whistles” from the audience against Novak Djokovic.

The Beasts train at the Philippe Chatrier Stadium

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal prepare in the center court, in a somewhat favorable atmosphere for the Spaniard.

Nadal enters court

Novak Djokovic follows. The start of the game is imminent.

The keys to this final before the hour

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal face each other for the 59th time in their careers, in a quarter-final clash at Roland Garros on Tuesday night in the center of the field. If the Serb leads the actions (30 wins, 28 losses), the Spaniard reigns over the clay (7-2).

>> To find out all about the keys to this final before the hour, click here

The match starts at 9 pm.

The match will begin at 9 p.m. at Stade Philippe Chatrier, according to broadcaster Prime Video, a good time to bring all spectators with a ticket for the night session.

What time will the game start?

Zverev-Alcaraz may go on, so it’s not certain the match could start at 8:45pm, as planned in principle.

Hello and welcome to this life

This is undoubtedly the most tempting match of the two weeks, and the one everyone has been waiting for since the draw: the powdery Roland Garros quarter-final between Rafael Nadal, 13 titles on the clock and a statue against Roland-Garros and Novak Djokovic, both disqualified from a Grand Slam. In Australia, they are back in force.

As a reminder, this match takes place in a night session and is therefore visible in the Prime video. But the American broadcaster opened the game to everyone, and not just to its subscribers. Here we explain how to watch the match on your TV (it works on your tablet, computer or phone, of course).

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