Details have emerged to finally explain the mysterious reduction of Teven Jenkins

It’s not a boot camp yet, and coach Matt Ebervloss has found a way to surprise people. His Chicago Bears coaching staff shocked a lot of the media when they adjusted their offensive line towards the end of the OTA competitions. After going with Larry Borum and Stephen Jenkins on the left and right tackle, they switched this combination to rookie Braxton Jones and Borum. Jenkins was moved to properly handling the second team’s attack.

The head coach tried to do this as the team just tried different combinations. However, this does not count with anyone with common sense. If that was the case, Borum would have been demoted at some point. A player is not disqualified from a starting position like this unless he shows something the coaches don’t like. Without much context, however, it was difficult to determine what was with Jenkins.

Now we may finally have an idea.

The Bears held the first of three small veteran camps on Tuesday. As the offensive drill unfolded, it was clear that the same composition was in place on the offensive line – Jones on the left tackle and Borum on the right. Jenkins was still in the second team. It was here that members of the media got a first taste of what might have been the problem that convinced coaches of the need for change. Nicholas Moriano of saw him in training.

Defensive end rookie Carson Taylor of Northern Arizona made some good plays throughout training. Against the second team’s offensive, Taylor Beat the correct tackle Teven Jenkins outwardthen ditched the block to run back indoors and Taylor was in the perfect position to do a running tackle.”

It would be one thing if Taylor was a higher draft choice in the first or second round. They are expected to show their potential in practice. it’s not. The kid was an unformed free agent. Beating his ilk during workouts is a red flag. It’s a previous pick in the second round, someone the previous system traded for. They viewed him as a treat of privilege. For him, being beaten up by disorganized beginners is not encouraging.

The future of Teven Jenkins may not be up for grabs.

Even before the draft last year, some experts had concerns about him playing abroad. They cite his shorter-than-favorite arms and foot speed as hard-to-beat weaknesses in passing situations. Since Jenkins didn’t play much last season, the problem never showed up enough to set off alarm bells. Now that he’s healthy, he’s played every actor in practice up to this point.

It did not go as hoped. Now, this may be a temporary thing. Teven Jenkins spent most of last season working on the left tackle. Since Eberflus and his crew took over, they decided to bring him back to the right side. These setbacks may be that he has to retrain his muscles to remember this aspect. Then again, mods like this aren’t so much of a challenge that the player is routinely hit by backups in drills.

it’s a problem.

If the current starting set ends up holding out, the Bears will have a decision to make. Either they keep Jenkins as a reserve in the intervention, or they consider him changing locations again. This time he will be indoors for guard. It might be better for him in the long run. It would allay height and foot speed concerns while bringing out his excellent strength. He still has a lot of talent. Coaches have to find the best way to use it.

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