Derek Carr and Davante Adams have been trying to turn Adams into Raiders for five years

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Raiders quarterback Derek Carr supposedly knows a thing or two about the dynamics in Las Vegas. So when David Carr says something about the Raiders, it makes sense to listen.

Appears in the Wednesday edition of Rich Eisen ShowDavid Carr said the trade that brought Davant Adams, the recipient of the Packers to the Raiders, has been in the pipeline for several years.

“It’s something they’ve been trying to achieve for five years now, ever since Davante signed a contract extension several years ago with the Packers,” Carr told Eisen. “Derek was pushing to get him there. . . . two years ago they were really close to making it happen.”

This makes it all the more surprising that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers didn’t know Adams was leaving. It calls into question what kind of relationship Rodgers and Adams actually had during their eight years together in Green Bay.

David Carr added that Derek and Davante were “best friends,” and that the “unique bond” goes back to Davante’s recruiting trip to Fresno.

Perhaps Rodgers simply didn’t know anything about it. Or maybe you thought that, even with that friendship, Adams would never choose Derek Carr over Rodgers.

Regardless, Davante is gone from Green Bay – and he’s finally where he wants to be.

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