Cyril Hanouna stops the pioneering C8 program and reveals his new projects!

For twelve years now, Cyril Hanoun has held the position of one of the most popular PAF presenters thanks to Don’t touch my TV. A program that does not hesitate to renew and continues to achieve a very influential audience. Powered by his success, Cyril Hanoun subsequently challenged himself to take an interest in more societal and political topics in recent years, going so far as to produce programs. Balance your post And the face daddyWhere he received in particular the candidates for the presidential elections. Unfortunately, the host made the decision not to renew one of them.

We will stop leave your message, but face daddy, Who broke the audience record on TNT with over 2 million viewers will return every two weeks as a reward under a new format‘, announced to Parisian. Determined to continue diversifying, Cyril Hanouna tried catching two new recruits at C8 next fall, not least being Laurent Ruquier and Marlène Schiappa. At first, he suggestedFairly cultural weekly bonus“But unfortunately, this proposal was rejected by the companion of Hugo Manos, without the troublemakers despairing of C8.”I adore him. He knows how to do everything. He won’t be with us at the start of the school year, but we’ll be back for the shipment the next season.And he promised.” Meanwhile, the politician received an offer to become a columnist in TPMP And also to be at the head of a show called Hello Marilyn. “But we don’t have the publisher‘ , regretted Cyril affectionately.

A new movie and two programs are in the works

At the beginning of the school year, the host will also attend the famous show of the 2000s, Only the truth is important.The show will return first in the best form with Pascal Patai and Laurent Fontaine launching new launches. And if you succeed, we will make new offers. I would like Patrick Sebastian to do two specials as well. He still has to accept‘ Captivated again.

Also hopes for boxing New adventure game To be presented by Hervé Matto or himself. “It is a competition with two hundred people in the group. The thirty people who answered the first questions correctly get on the bus with their bag. Those who lose stay by the wayside. Then we got on a boat and finally on a plane. Those who lose their parachute. The last one will win big money“, It is to explain.

Finally, affectionate Cyril is actively preparing movie called I hate Cyril Hanouna : “We finish writing to A photo session in Paris at the beginning of the school year. (…) The stadium is like me, an archaeologist, who returns to give lessons in France and no one cares about him. One day, he will find himself in my place and realize that my life is more boring than his. I have to play both characters and recruit some columnists. With this film we are targeting the French who don’t watch us. “

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