Colours of Courage: Depicting the inspiring journey of animal activist Mahi Priyanka, who won India’s Top Model 2022

Mahi Priyanka Kolvekar, a vegan model who won India’s Top Model 2022, has a very strong story. Born and raised in a small town in the Karnataka state of Hubli, she said: “I have a supreme love for animals and have brought kittens and dogs to my house to feed them since I was a child.”

Mahi, an extroverted athletic child who used to live in a group apartment with her grandparents, has had a high emotional intelligence since her teenage years and used to feed stray animals with lunch without wasting a bite food. “I fed my unused food to homeless animals and developed the habit over time. I can feel the pain and emotions of these animals because of the increased emotional empathy I carry Even when hanging out with friends, I always teach people the importance of feeding street animals,” she explained.

Mahi feeds stray animals

Despite being a mechanical engineering professional, Marcy wanted to be a voice for the Silent, so she set out to save animals from the streets. Thinking back to the past, when she started asking for help in local cars and hanging around people taking injured animals to the hospital, “No one wanted to lend a hand, and sometimes even the car Walla wouldn’t allow me to take injured animals in taxis or Inside the car. People used to beat me on the street just to feed the animals or ask for help.” However, the joy she had after helping the animals turned into a daunting task when people legally charged her. “Even the police have not supported me, they have even told me to stop feeding animals if people are distracted,” Mahi said.

Mahi then decided to buy her own car and convert it into an ambulance to rescue homeless animals. “I used to do some activities as a part-time job in my 20s and used my savings from my youth to buy a car to take injured animals to hospital. Then, after realizing there were no doctors and not getting many government hospital jobs After enough support from the staff, I decided to study veterinary services. I started practicing basic veterinary assistance training myself, and I learned everything from types of animal diseases, first aid, to treatment and injections.”

Mahi helps animals

Her journey was filled with anxiety as she had to overcome the physical, mental and emotional struggles to help these silent animals and work for what I wanted. People will judge you when you do something out of the box, but you have to represent the voiceless,” the beauty said proudly.

Mahi is an Animal Assistance Professional certified by WVS HICKS INTERNATIONAL, Rajasthan, Udaipur and Goa, Animal and Animal Assistance NGO. “When I was studying, my family often laughed at me and said that if you focus on studying, feeding the animals won’t take you anywhere. My family used to have the same disputes every day because our economy is not strong and we don’t have a place to keep stray animals,” she said. disclose.

Mahi Kolkevar - Certified Professional

During the unprecedented times of COVID-19, while most of us are just keeping up with our emotional and mental state, Mahi has been helping animals in different areas, “During the pandemic, the death toll of animals has risen to 300,000. That I work tirelessly to keep animals safe and shelter at least 9-10 stray animals at home every day.” Over the past 5 years, this brave girl has rescued 500 people from nearby locations including Hubli, Dharwad and Gokarna multiple animals.

However, Marsh encountered a pivotal moment in her life when she began to experience depression and anxiety after watching videos of brutal slaughterhouses and the ordeal of cows. That’s when she decided to become a vegetarian. Talking about her vegan journey, she revealed: “The transition was very difficult because I was a meat consumer from birth. Although it’s been 7-8 years since my vegan journey started.

“I only use animal-free products and have been promoting a vegan lifestyle. I don’t want thousands of people to change, but people need to understand and walk with me to make society a better place. If meat If the industry continues to serve people, then there will be a major disaster in 2050. Moving to vegan alternatives like vegan cheese, vegan pork and vegan leather will make the world a better place where everyone has a chance to do no harm Live without each other,” Mahi added.

She shared a quote that really needs to be “Every act of compassion makes the world a better and more peaceful place.” She continued, “My only vision is to eradicate animal cruelty, and that has encouraged me to keep working hard all these years. Pure Vegetarian food, like satvik food, not only harms the environment, animals and surroundings, but also greatly improves my health. I used to weigh 90kg, but veganism has helped me lose weight,” she said with a kind smile.

Mahi Kolvekar

Mahi, who holds multiple beauty titles including Miss Mangalore 2012, Miss South India Manapuram 2014 and Miss Bharat Earth 2018, maintains a simple down-to-earth demeanor and aspires to make her mark internationally Representing India for her passion for fashion. “For a person, there is always a passion, a profession and a mission to make them successful. My profession has always been helping animals, my passion has always been fashion, and my mission has always been to make the world become better,” she said.

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