Chronicle: PS5: Soon the end of the shortage

In today’s newspaper, we’re talking about Elden Ring’s favorite Miyazaki boss. We continue with the PS5 shortage soon, and then finish with Mario Strikers, the soccer game we’ve all been waiting for. Dilly, let’s go!

We know the favorite boss of the Elden Ring creator

Hidetaka Mizayaki, creator of Elden Ring, revealed his favorite boss in the game: “I would say he is General Radan. He is a wonderful character, and I also like the whole scene around the Radan Festival. I think there is feelings of unity in everyone, mixed with celebration and liveliness. I remember the first time I mentioned the idea for the Radan Festival, no one in the team took me on Seriously, I miss it!” He then adds that his two other favorite bosses are Godric and Rijkaard. Radahn is known for having a complete physical hardship. The demigod is so perfectly capable of overcoming gravity that it is even able to stop stars. As a reminder, Elden Ring is Fund of the Year, with sales exceeding 13 million.

The end of the PS5 shortage may be soon

The PS5 has been available for nearly two years now, but gamers are still struggling to get hold of it. A condition caused by many factors, including the famous components crisis that the tech industry is going through. Know that Sony is now optimistic and hopes for better sales by 2024, according to a recent financial report. In 2024, PS5 should surpass PS5 sales. The giant is currently in negotiations to maintain the best possible logistics for the delivery of its devices. To reach the ingredient quota, the Japanese giant plans to call in several suppliers at the same time. Meanwhile, Sony is counting on the PS4 to make up. If 30% of the licenses currently produced by Sony are released on PS4 and PS5 today, future games will be exclusive to the company’s latest addition by 2025, which would mark the end of the PS4 life.

There will be more characters than we thought in Mario Strikers

Mario Strikers: Battle League Soccer A few days after its release. With dozens of playable characters, the title should then receive as many free DLCs in the same way as Mario Tennis Aces and Mario Golf: Super Rush. Thus, the compilers of the data have discovered twenty locations of the character in the game files, so the list will simply be doubled. So far, nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo. Broadly speaking, Mario Strikers: Battle League Football remains similar to what it used to be, but offers enough fine detail to breathe new life into the formula. Our conclusion is pretty clear: “After playing for an hour, it seems clear that Mario Strikers: Battle League Football has what it takes to be one of the most enjoyable multiplayer games on the Switch.”

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