Choose your price to adopt a cat or kitten from Vic Animal Shelter in June ::

— The Wake County Animal Center is encouraging adopters to bring home cats or kittens this month — at whatever price is right for them.

Throughout the month of June, people can charge any adoption fee they want to adopt a 5-month-old cat or kitten.

The promotion runs in late spring, when a large number of kittens are born, making the shelter overcrowded.

The public can help by adopting or owning a cat. If you own a cat, make sure it’s spayed or neutered – even if it’s indoors.

Last month, WRAL News reported that hundreds of feral cats are euthanized each year in Durham. Animal advocates discussed with city leaders why instead of trapping and euthanizing feral cats in shelters, they are trapped, neutered, vaccinated and released.

Durham’s animal shelter director thinks this is long overdue.

“Right now, Durham is growing,” said Shafonda Allen, executive director of the Durham Animal Protection Society. “We see more and more cats every year.”

If you find kittens in the wild, you don’t necessarily need to take them to a shelter.

Wounded Bird in an Amazon Box

“Generally, a litter of kittens that are found is not abandoned. The mother is likely to find food for herself and will be back soon,” said Dr. Jennifer Federico, director of the Wake County Animal Center. “If people notice kittens that look sick, thrifty, cry, look thin, they may need to intervene and bring kittens to our centre. Make sure to only bring them in during opening hours.”

If you are interested in adoption, the shelter is located at 820 Beacon Lake Avenue in Raleigh and is open daily from noon to 6 p.m. A gallery of adoptable animals is available online.



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