Chest Enhancement Points: Cubs 8, Brewers 7

Well, that was a particularly grueling evening, back and forth. I thought the cubs had cooked three different times, and they kept coming back. When was the last time they came back from below three innings in the sixth inning or after? Sometime last… June? Maybe you forgot something.

Not only that, but the Cubs also managed to win after losing their lead late on. Thank you, Patrick Wisdom.

Tonight the Cubs kicked off the ball from Eric Lauer, who has had them this season before. But thanks to the wrongly timed attacking strikes and playing in defense, it was only one early round. Most nights the Cubs can do some scoring early and then close in, but tonight they could have scored a little more than Lauer early on (they added two of him, one gift, on the fourth).

They turned it on in the sixth, though, after briefly giving up the lead at the top of the frame — the Cubs went to the course and scored four runs.

The Bulls were having another tough night – an uncomfortable topic lately – but at least Mychal Givens pinned it down late, and David Robertson nails the ninth. Justin Steele worked his way through five mostly successful but ineffective rounds (his main problem). It will give him a deeper look when I’m not crashing.

Lots of great nights on the plate, but I wanted to highlight these:

The total points of the fund.

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