Chest Enhancement Points: Cubs 7, Cardinals 5

This game started and ended with…well…a LOT.

In the first half, Christopher Morell fired a double from the left field wall and immediately scored in a home basket that escaped from Wilson Contreras’ racket. In the eighth inning, Contreras was removed from the game after being knocked out, then the Cubs added a little insurance, and finally Harrison Bader (of course) scored two goals in the ninth to bring the Cardinals inside. Couple running.

I Supposedly I felt like the Cubs were in control most of the night, but you can never tell with the Cardinals.

But whether it’s stressful or not, it sure counts as a win!

And tonight’s Cubs attack came out just right: 12 hits and 5 walks against just two hits (!) plus creeps from Ian Hap (right side!), Frank Schwendel and Contreras. Schwindel had a particularly solid night, going 3-4 with two very important RBIs and scoring 2 runs, including an eighth sacrifice fly in the inning. Dude recently flipped it over, and it was a lot of fun to watch.

Beyond that, Clint Frazier reached the base three times, Matching an interesting little teacher recently arrived at by Anthony RizzoChristopher Morell kept his base streak alive, even Nick Madrigal hitting a tricky streak down the right field streak (which is nice to see).

For now, I’m purposely navigating around Keegan Thompson, who’s been making his first start as a permanent (ish) member of the starting rotation, because I want to dive a little deeper tomorrow. The short version? He’s had good results over the course of his 5.1 IP career (89 pitches), surviving a lot of poor connections and a few puffs. His four-seat pace was solid during the bout, but the Cardinals saw his interrupter well. I have a lot on my mind regarding Thompson’s outing, but we just have to put a pin in it now and enjoy the win.

The Cubs have now won three straight games against the Brewers and Cardinals. And I’m going to enjoy that fact, no matter where this season goes (although it wouldn’t hurt to extend that streak against St. Louis this weekend (four more games still)!


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