Champions League – After the events around the Stade de France: Father Obo, the king of football in the twenty-first century

It is clear that these events are only in football, especially in football only with certain English clubss”. Let us realize that the minister was not entirely wrong. We will leave his nauseous shortcut on ‘some English clubs’, even if, oddly enough, we did not bemoan similar incidents when Chelsea beat Manchester City in Porto last year or Liverpool beat Tottenham Three years ago in Madrid, but there”clearly“,”Than in football‘, that we are witnessing the horrific scenes which we saw on Saturday in Saint-Denis. In France in particular, though this accuracy escaped Gérard Darmanin, who nevertheless spoke a few hours after the outburst of violence which left about thirty wounded in Geoffroy-Gichard .

Primary Result – “Only in footballAn introduction to this question could be:why then? “, Examination of which football’s conscience, “Exceptionally“French football, we must move forward. However, the question is not asked, because the answer has already been found. When accidents happen around a football match, victims and culprits merge. These are these standby positions that the establishment has always chosen to occupy when it feels by threatening.

Champions League

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Angry Liverpool fan stranded at Stade de France before Champions League final

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Reds fans weren’t panicked by Hillsborough

When 97 Liverpool supporters died in Hillsborough, the British government, backed by some complicit media, slandered the innocent and made them murderers, and thirty-three years later, if the truth is ever revealed, the real perpetrators have. Still not punished. As for Saint-Denis, this sleight of hand is doomed. The exhibits we have are not those that can be locked in a locker in a police station or a judge’s office. Hundreds of films filmed by supporters themselves – and some media – and instantly shared on social networks, are all stubborn testimonies to the almost complete failure of the regulators’ control protocol.

When you watch these films, one thing is clear: Saint-Denis could have become another Olympian, when at least eight supporters who wanted to attend the last 16 of the African Cup of Nations between Cameroon and Comoros died on January 24. Denis Hillsborough could have become another, and if not, it is precisely because the supporters of Liverpool, whose memory of the tragedy of 1989 is still vivid, although fear gnaws at it, did not succumb to panic. There were very few such “excesses” that the Minister did not mention, save for the intervention of a few barrier-climbers, apparently mostly French.

To listen to the public authorities, the cause of the chaos in the Stade de France was not the insufficient number of governors, who were blindly recruited and “formed“On the go, neither the demonstrated brutality of the police whose supporter is a threat, nor the disorganization of the fan filter system, which was evident several hours before kick-off in the final. The fake tickets bought by “thousands” of Reds supporters, “a massive, industrial and organized scam.”

Chaos in the French stadium

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UEFA is also responsible?

No one suspects the existence of these forged banknotes, and they were not printed at home by some adventurous free rider; It has been traded by counterfeiters in a parallel market everyone knows it exists, but no one is doing anything to hinder it. However, if it does exist, isn’t it first because UEFA, in this particular case, allocates a little more than half of the places for the final to the two clubs they play?

Prefer to distribute it to its many sponsors and broadcasters, and to union member associations and specialized agencies in events intended for wealthy viewers?

What is the supporter of these people? A wallet to empty it, a potential offender. He amazed him by selling fake T-shirts for 100 euros or more, multiple subscriptions to payment channels and exorbitant tickets; They also bumped him a little with batons when he came out of the lanes that paved him.We admit that it is necessary. Because what we sell is not just a spectacle in the stadium. It’s also the choreography of the tyfu, the symphony of mixed sounds in a song, and even those smoke bombs that we ban, but their colors are so beautiful in the images that celebrate the enthusiasm of the masses. “Football is nothing without fans

‘ said Jock Stein; Nothing ”, not even a product that could be sold to broadcasters, although the great Celtic coach had other ideas and ideals in mind other than the over-exploitation of popular passions without which UEFA would have nothing but crumbs to distribute to the clubs participating in its competitions.

The Stade de France led to disastrous scenes during the Champions League final

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These ultra forgotten

We can refuse to demonize supporters without making them angels. These hard cores are present from the small hits and large nuts that damage the fruit. We can take them out of football. Elsewhere, this has been done, including in “some English clubs” which the Home Secretary accuses of. But it means sitting at the table with those other very scientific proponents who dream of throwing troublemakers in the trash, and listening to the remedies they give, who are the first victims of inaction, and that, it still is, no doubt.

FFF with an old structure, confident in the successes of the Blues, and my league quickly congratulating itself on a fantastic contract with CVC, another place in the Champions League, the confirmed presence of Kylian Mbappe for a few seasons and on top of that at Paris Saint-Germain, they seem to have no desire to question The causes of the evil that plague football is responsible, for which the nearby Saint-Denis disaster is an extension, not an exception imported from abroad.

Let’s agree: it would be ridiculous to refuse a share of direct responsibility for what we lived in Saint-Denis in the UEFA and the League, which we will not say about UEFA, which we cannot forget that he also received the keys to the team’s disastrous organization of the Euro 2020 final at Wembley . It is a mistake to insist that the rhetoric and actions of football bodies – or the inaction – perpetuate a climate and order in which a fan suffers from a presumption of guilt, which conservatives and forces of order subscribe to. And in this case, by some members of the government. This is how we create an environment in which what we witness on Saturday night can happen, an environment in which Father Obo, whose main character traits are greed and cowardice, feels familiar on Earth.

Liverpool and Real Madrid earned 19,618 tickets each, as well as 382 premium tickets, the cheapest of which cost 500 euros. Real has more than 97,000 community, of which 65,000 are subscribers. Anfield stadium has a capacity of 53,394, including 27,000 subscribers


Champions League

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