Cat Game Stray Coming to PlayStation, PC in July

The cat hero sits in a bar surrounded by robotic humanoids.

screenshot: Annapurna Interactive

wandering, the game about being a cat in a world that isn’t for cats, finally has a release date.It’s coming to PlayStation and PC on July 19, with publisher Annapurna Interactive in Sony’s State of Play showcase this evening.

first announced 2020 At the official launch of Sony’s PlayStation 5, wandering is a post-apocalyptic exploration game with a twist: you’re not human. You are not an elf or an orc, not even a Khajiit. You play as a real cat. The game, the first from French studio BlueTwelve, was originally slated for a 2021 release, but has since been pushed back to a wider 2022 window.

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The Wanderers are primarily set in a city abandoned by humans, replaced by robotic humanoids.First time watching a game wandering Seemingly peaceful puzzle-exploration game, but the 2021 trailer shows some more intense parts, including fast-paced travel and what appears to be some basic combat.

Plus, you can scratch the armrests of the sofa like a real cat. ah ah.

Annapurna Interactive has been a little lost lately.Last year, it released a recursive puzzle game Model (this was part of the “free” PS Plus offering at launch) and action platformers solar ashfrom the manufacturer ultralight drifter. Earlier this year, the publisher released memoir bluea gripping narrative game.

wanderingHowever, at least in terms of attention, it’s an obvious choice for mid-sized publishers.Can’t say much today because of the embargo, but small house There will be more information on it in the coming days and weeks. Now, to close this post before I want to plagiarize the MSNBC experts and say something like “Watch this space”.


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