Canola oil is the beauty treat we all need for glowing skin, nails and healthy hair

Do you like healthy skin and hair? Who wouldn’t? It is no exaggeration to say that in our busy days, we hardly have time to devote to self-care. It’s so underrated, but if you’re an emotional person who spends an hour a day taking care of yourself, your skin, and your hair, kudos to you! If not regularly, let us put you to work on your off days. Not the kind that keeps you glued to your desk or paraded around the four walls of your office.

There’s more to life than our day jobs, how do we let ourselves know that? Picking a beauty hero because ignorance is not happiness when I have a problem. With our eyes on all the internet has to offer, it looks like canola oil is our latest obsession. What do we tell you every other day? It might be worth it, and it’s good for your skin and hair.

Obviously, rapeseed is used for oil extraction. Found in large numbers in Canada, it’s not uncommon but readily available. From kitchens to beauty kits, this lightweight oil improves skin, hair and nail health. Start with a patch test, then use it weekly. Both oleic and linoleic acids help with hydration, don’t we know that lack of nutrients can increase the chances of dry skin and scalp and hair breakage? Dab some on your nails, as the oil keeps the nails moisturized and shiny.

Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant to promote hair growth. Apply a small amount of oil, if the extra application will add weight to it, you don’t want unnecessary trouble. Dandruff needs no excuses to show up and look like a perennial tenant who refuses to move out. However, dandruff and excessive itching can be combated with canola oil, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

like how Avocados are naturally sun-protective. Canola oil helps protect your hair and skin from UV rays, pollution and possible damage from dry humidity. Do you think SPF is not needed during monsoons? Please stop and use it before departure. Thank God for the saturated and unsaturated fatty acids responsible for lipids. These are key to providing shine, just what you need for dry hair.

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